Grow Your Site Traffic Using Free SEO Tools

By | January 1, 2023

All a businessman wants is more customers. Similarly, the website needs more engagement and traffic on their webs. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a natural way of orienting yourself on the top page of google search to gain more traffic because it is the top priority of searchers. 

Better position or top ranking is their objective. Generating more traffic to stay on the first page is their goal. Check our useful guide on Grow Your Site Traffic Using Free SEO Tools.

Tips To Grow Your Site Traffic

Learning to Grow Your Site Traffic Using Free SEO Tools always come with some extra works and following the simple guides below can be of help.

Improve the velocity of your page.

Having a speedy velocity is one of the important factors. Not a single person waits for minutes or hours for a page to operate. It is essential for a page to load faster.

Renovate your content material.

Fresh and new content is the basic thing a searcher is looking for. One must refresh their content with the passage of time. Old content must be updated. Good quality content is a need here.

Apply schema markup.

It didn’t directly affect the traffic but it helps search engines bots to find easily and index your pages conveniently.

Make your site responsive.

Smartphones are easy to work on . That’s why mostly writers and bloggers prefer to use small devices.

This is why it is a need to make a site that is very clear and easy to use on small screens as well. It makes them tired to scroll around the site.

Get backlinks.

To have an amazing quality and quantity of links is the most important factor here. You need more links from decent sites that have high domain authority to get higher DA , higher rank and higher traffic.

Via using social media.

Social media is playing a vital role in our lives. We can use social media in many ways. One of which is to refer and sponsor your personal business on social media. To help it to reach maximum audience. You need to use all your platforms i.e twitter, instagram, facebook to advertise your work.

Use hashtags

While sharing your content online, make sure you’re using the right way. Go with the flow and use the appropriate hashtags. It helps the searcher to find it with instagram or twitter hashtags. Your hashtags must be specific to your content. In this way, you will be found by many people.

Research the competition.

To win any game you must know about the strategy of your competitors. Try to find out what people are getting from their website and upgrade your content to that level to gain some rush traffic for your site.

Submit at the right time.

There are some rules to win the game. You need to know the timing of a day or week of your audience. So that you can upload your content at the right time . To get more traffic your data should be on time. People really don’t like to wait. They start searching on other pages.

Talk about latest topics

It is a basic need to talk about the latest ongoing topic of the day or week. People are usually curious and want to know more and more about the topic. To get the update, they start looking for it on the online news and websites as well.

There are some tools that help you improve your ranking and boost your traffic.

Suggested Tools

1.   Domain Authority Checker

DA PA stands for Domain authority and Page authority. It helps you to check the authority of your page and domain. It is impossible to comprehend each and every authority that takes place in SEO ranking.

For convenience, they made this DA PA checker and made this tool for the ease of the user.

If you’re running a website, it is important to communicate with your audience how  different you are doing than your competitors.

This website helps you to check domain and page authority in one click. You can do your work in a few clicks.


  • Simple to use

It is quick, simple and easy to work. No specific rules or instructions. Just enter your data , it will give your output in seconds.

  • Authentic outcomes

The outcome from the input is totally accurate.  There is no chance of error. Their results make them honest. Every user and webmasters want error free and accurate results.

  • Unlimited and free of cost

This attracts most of the users and webmasters because they don’t want to work on paid tools when there are plenty of free tools available. Their service is totally free. You can have as much Data you want. You have the opportunity to check the domain in a variety of languages, for example Indonesia.

This is available for both android and apple users.


  • Advertisements on the tool
  • The tool has many ads that may disturb your focus.
  • Less secure
  • You must upload your data on your own. There’s no such security given by the tool.

2.   Plagiarism Checker

It is an online plagiarism checking tool. It helps its users to find the duplicate content with their  sources. This tool is a need for all the writers and bloggers out there.

It will give your output in seconds. It has some other tools as well , which can help you in writing for example paraphrasing etc.

Like all the other tools, this tool also has its own pros and cons.


  • File support

It accepts all types and formats of files. For example DOC, DOCX, TXT, PDF etc. You can copy/paste your data as well.

  • Reports with its sources

They give you the result of your input in seconds. If there is any plagiarism, it informs you with the sources.

  • Download editpad and report

You can install the editpad on your device. The report can also be downloaded on your device. Click ‘Save the result’.

  • Free tool

This tool is free for the writers, bloggers and everyone else. You don’t have to spend any penny on these tools. Use as much as you want.


  • Word Limit

This free tool is limited to 1000 words only. You cannot check more than 1000 words without buying a premium offer.

  • Advertisement

The ads disturbs your focus from your work. They Waste some bits of your time.


These tools made the lives of content writers and website owners reliable. It helps them from plagiarism checking to checking or boosting their traffic sites.

The right use of these tools plays a positive and time and energy saving role in our lives. We must appreciate the owners of these tools.

I believe this useful guide has been of help to know much about Grow Your Site Traffic Using Free SEO Tools in 2022.

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