GOtv Payment Methods In Ghana

By | April 14, 2022

In Ghana, every GOtv subscriber has to renew his / her GOtv subscription every month after their subscription expires. However, methods through which GOtv subscriptions can be done in Ghana are many.

In this guide, we will discuss how to subscribe to GOtv through all the subscription methods in Ghana. This can be done at GOtv accredited agents shops, online, mobile banking, and many more.

How To Pay My GOtv Subscription Online

You can pay your GOtv subscription on the E-tranzact platform. To do so, follow the steps below

  • Visit
  • On top of the main menu, click on “PAY DStv/GOtv”.
  • You will be redirected to the payment page.
  • On the payment page, click on DStv/GOtv or any bill you want to pay.

How To Pay My GOtv Subscription In Ghana Using MTN Mobile Money

  • Dial *170# and select MoMoPay & Bill (Option 2).
  • From the MoMopay & Bill menu, select Pay Bill (Option 2).
  • Select GOtv.
  • Then enter the IUC number.
  • Enter reference number.
  • Then enter your subscription amount.
  • Lastly, enter your secret mobile money code.

How to Pay For GOtv Subscription At MultiChoice Offices In Ghana

You can also pay for a GOtv subscription at MultiChoice offices in Ghana. Their offices are located at;

  • Accra – No 11, 6th Street, Airport Residential Area
  • Tema – Ground floor, Giann Towers, Community 11, Tema
  • Top Martins Complex, Asokwa
  • Takoradi – Tigo Building, Axim Road

How To Pay My GOtv Subscription In Ghana Using Tigo Cash

  • On your phone, dial *501#.
  • Select option 3 for “Pay Bill”.
  • Then under the category, choose Utility.
  • Select GOtv as Bill option.
  • Enter your reference number.
  • Then enter your payment amount.
  • Enter your secret code.

How To Pay My GOtv Subscription In Ghana Using Vodafone Cash

  • On the phone dial *110#
  • Select option 5 “Pay Bill”
  • Choose option 3 “Utilities”
  • Select option 4 “GOtv”
  • Then enter your IUC number.
  • Enter the amount and your secret code.

Note: Other methods you can use to make a GOtv subscription include; Slydepay, ExpressPay, Ecobank.


In this article, we have compiled all the methods you can use to pay for your GOtv subscription in Ghana. In addition, we have given the process of some of the methods you can use to make the payment.

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