Introduction To Computer Networking 2021

By | July 20, 2021

The Introduction To Computer Networking is the important keynote everyone interested in becoming a network administrator should follow and know more — before venturing into this career.

This is a brief post on the Introduction To Computer Networking in 2021. Computing comes with several sub-segments such as web development, database management, software development, system engineering as well as networking amongst many others.

As a Computer Science student or someone hoping to venture into that field of study, you have the option to specialize or master in any of the segments listed above.

In this article, I shall try as much as possible to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to computer networking.

What Is Computer Networking?

Networking refers to the process of connecting a group of computers (nodes) using cables or wireless connectivity to share information, files and resources. Networking also involves setting up the connection between the various computers, managing and protecting the network, its policies, resources and structure.

So in mere terms, Computer networking is the way various computers are linked so that the user can access information, resources or files available on the other device without having to use that computer itself.

Types Of Networking

Networking can be classified into two main groups based on how the nodes are connected for information sharing.

The two main types of networking are:

  • Wired networking
  • Wireless networking

Wired Networking

As the name suggests, this type of networking requires a physical connection between the various nodes being used. Usually, networkers use copper network cables for installing wired networks. When a group of computers are connected with a wired network, anybody at all could notice by just taking a close look at the various computers. There’s a long cable, usually red or black which connects both computers. Aside from the copper network cable which is widely used because it is cheap and more durable, there is Fibre Optic network cable which is superfast and can be used to extend the network over a wide range.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking, on the other hand, is the type of networking which does not require any physical connections. It requires the use of radio waves to setup and transfer files, data and resources between a group of computers. Depending on the coverage of the wireless network, they are further given other names such as; Wireless Fidelity (Wifi), Wireless Local Area Network and many others. Wireless networking tends to reach a wider audience and a relatively slower data transfer.

What Are The Skills Required For Computer Networking?

Just like any other occupation or profession, there are certain skills required for anyone to be successful as a Computer networker. Some of the skills required are explained below.

  • Analytics Thinking. To become a successful networker, you must be able to think outside the box by thinking and analyzing problems and finding solutions to them in the soonest possible time. Also, you must be able to find alternative ways of doing simple and complex networking tasks.
  • Knowledge about computing in general. As a computer networker, there are times when you’ll be required to complete some tasks which require the use of simple and complex computing tools and resources. These all come together to make your networking successful. So if you want to be a successful computer networker, then you should have enough knowledge about computing in general.
  • Problem-solving skills. This skill has been slightly touched in the first point under this subheading. However, problem-solving is a skill in itself that everyone seeking a career in computer science or information technology should have. Because these professions require engagement with machines. It is no lie that machines tend to develop problems from time to time and so require problem-solving skills to be able to combat any challenges posed by the systems.

There may be many other skills required for computer networking but these are the ones that readily come to mind and are mostly used in the field of computer networking.

Wrapping Up!

Networking has become a great part of the computing world with the world movie steadily to an online system where the internet is becoming a central focus of most industries and businesses.

As such, Computer Networking has become a lucrative profession where both the young and old are pitching their talents for greater success.

In this article, I took you through the basics of computer networking, the skills required to be a computer networker and the types of networking.

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