How To Get Your Laptop Back To Work When Not Responding With 8 Simple Tips

By | October 12, 2020

How To Get Your Laptop Back To Work When Not Responding With 8 Simple Tips.

Has your laptop entered the deadlock state where you are unable to use it, while you are in the middle of some urgent work? Frankly speaking, almost every PC user has encountered such a circumstance at least once in his or her lifetime. And, the situation seems annoying.

You are stuck with some important job to do but you have got no other way. Before going for some expert intervention how about some troubleshooting ideas to get rid of the frozen condition of the laptop? Whether it has turned into a sluggish turtle or not responding at all, there are numerous ways to bring back the device to its functionality again. Additionally, these tricks will save your laptop from such upcoming freezing consequences in the near future.

#1.  Let it Resume on its own

We have already mentioned that most probably your laptop has got into a deadlock state. The processor might be taking time to resolve its complexities and eventually, it will overcome the state. It’s a usual phenomenon and you need not worry about it. Most computers eradicate the issue on their own if you avail some time for them to catch up.

However, if the issue doesn’t get solved within ten to fifteen minutes, then you should interfere in the case. Check whether the external mouse connection is loose or the battery has drained its power. Both these can lead to a hallucination of laptop freezing or so. If the laptop is still in frozen condition, then continue with the subsequent solutions or seek help from Laptop repair Dubai.

#2. End the Task with Task Manager

Most probably, it’s the running software that prohibits your PC from working in a natural rhythm. If you have been waiting for a longer duration, then it’s time for some serious task. You should kill the task of that offending software. In case, you find that the cursor or mouse-click responds outside the application, then launch Task Manager. Otherwise, press these three keys together: Shift, Ctrl and Esc.

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If your luck favours, then the Task Manager would open up. You can locate which application is using most of the CPU resources right now. Just select the process. Opt for the End Task option and the computer will end that process. But, this tip doesn’t work for those laptops that aren’t responding at all. If you own a MacBook, then try to Force quit the running application.

#3. Is it Happening only in Browser?

Users have reported that their laptop runs absolutely fine until they have turned on the browsers on the laptops. It might have been months you haven’t sneaked into the browser settings. Additionally, the browser shows ‘not working’ signs every now and then. And, when you investigate the scene with Task Manager, the conclusion might confirm that the culprit is the browser.

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Basically, getting rid of this issue is different for different browsers. For instance, you can launch Chrome’s Task Manager by pressing Shift and Esc. But, this isn’t true for every third-party browser. For other browsers, you can find out their dedicated Task Manager window from their Menu. You can disable unnecessary browser extensions to mitigate the freezing issue. Otherwise, contact laptop repair Dubai for ultimate fixes.

#4. Give your Laptop a Restart

Before practically applying the DIY ways for the device, close the lid for a minute. Then, open up the lid to check if the issue still persists. Otherwise, try to reboot the device.

However, you might not restart the system usually. But, don’t directly press the Power button at once. What you have to do is to press and hold the Power button for five to ten seconds. Moreover, you should release your finger after you hear a beep. Allow your laptop to rest for five minutes. Then, turn on the device and the issue should have gone.

#5. Refresh the Laptop Display

If task killing and restarting don’t seem to be beneficial, then you can try another shortcut. The graphics card driver might have lost its compatibility with other drivers. To solve the issue instantly, press Ctrl, Shift, B and the Windows keys at the same time. You might notice a squeaky sound from your laptop and the laptop will blink for a moment. Inspect if this tip fixes the frozen issue.

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Otherwise, you can perform a reinstallation of display drivers. If you have recently upgraded your graphics card unit, then there are chances of freezing. Many users have found out a solution by reinstalling the drivers while launching the Safe Mode. If you find difficulties with this, avail laptop repair Dubai services for secure performance of your laptop.

#6. Remove Clutter from your Laptop to Avoid Overheating

Most users refrain both internal and external cleaning of their laptops. Consequently, all these can affect the synchronization and airflow from the laptop. Loss of synchronization would lead to more power draw and that will increase the temperature of the device. In addition to this, the accumulated dust particles would block the heat exchange from the laptop vents. Temperature rise can freeze your laptop.

Therefore, consider cleaning out your laptop from the inside out. Check out all the unnecessary installation and files on the laptop and wipe them out. Don’t forget to clean browser history, cache and cookies. For external cleaning, use a soft cloth and vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you can try a blower to pass the food crumb or other noticeable debris from the keyboard.

#7. Is the Hard Drive OK?

An incompatible hard drive might lead your laptop to hang-up issues. And, this doesn’t sound good. If you restart your computer, then apparently you might not notice any issue. But, the hard drive will face severe damage day by day. You can install any third-party hard drive scanning software to observe the health status. If you find something fishy, then you should avail professional help immediately before it leads to a data loss.

#8. Process System Restore

If there’s nothing faulty about the hard drive but you are experiencing laptop freezing frequently, then it must be due to a recent update. You can undo the last update just by a usual System Restore operation. Switch to an older update that didn’t cause such a circumstance. This trick will work for both Windows and Mac devices.

It’s Time to Call in an Expert

If you find the issue to be too stubborn to handle, then it’s better to hire a computer professional. Only an experienced and skilled technician can tell you what’s wrong with your laptop.

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However, avail prompt help from laptop repair agencies, if you don’t want to take any chance with your device.

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