How To Find And Watch Recently Watched Videos On Facebook – 2023 Guide

By | August 2, 2023

In recent post from ICT Catalogue, we are glad to educate you about how to find & watch recently watched videos on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the popular social networking sites on the internet with larger number of users — that use the platform for sharing your thoughts, Plan Events, join Groups, sharing your pictures, chats as a means of connecting with friends, page for businesses and products, boosting of business products and services.

Taking a look at some popular video streaming websites, these websites give you interesting videos to enjoy moments of entertainment online. Facebook is also part of the video streaming services as the social media network has included streaming videos in their services. With the features integrated in their streaming services, you can record live videos or share already recorded videos. It doesn’t matter the type of video you want to share; this can be movies, music videos, entertainment showbiz videos funny comedy kits and more.

Facebook as social networking site has video column for its users to be able to stream funny videos and more. There are times we can be watching interesting video on Facebook and we could not find the video again. Ask yourself what could be the reason why the video disappeared from your timeline?

This article has the interesting guides on how to find recently watched videos on either Facebook desktop, Facebook App or mobile phone and watch them again.

How To Find Recently Watched Videos On Facebook

Facebook has feature that lists all the videos you have played and watched before — in your recently watched videos history in your Facebook account to be able to find these videos quicker.

Under activity log, you can simply find these recently watched videos easily.

  1. Sign in to your
  2. Click on your profile picture to go your Facebook Profile
  3. Click on the Activity Log button
  4. From the left sidebar, check under Filters and click on the More link. This is found under the comments section.
  5. Click on Videos You’ve Watched from the list of filters
  6. The list of videos you have watched will be displayed

Following this step will give you all the videos you watched recently using your Facebook account in a display format.

How To Find Recently Watched Videos In Facebook App or Facebook Mobile

Not many Facebook users love to use Facebook on desktop, and would love to use the social networking App or on their mobile phone.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Then, sign into your Facebook account
  3. In your Facebook account, click on the triple bar at the top right menu and select View Profile.
  4. Click on the Activity Log
  5. At the top screen on your Facebook, click on Category drop-down menu.
  6. Scroll to down and find the Videos You’ve Watched filter and tap it.

Now, this will display all your recently watched videos on Facebook app.

Watch Video Of How To Watch Recently Watched Facebook Video

This video below gives you the audio-visual of how to watch all your recently watched Facebook videos easily in 2023.

Whatever reason why you are still looking for that recently watched Video to watch again, kindly follow these steps to learn more about how to watch previously watched videos on Facebook given above and also make sure to share this useful post to friends as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recent Watched Videos On Facebook

How to search what videos you have watched on Facebook

If you are looking for how to watch all your recently watched videos on Facebook, you can check under your Facebook profile and click on the triple dots beside the edit profile. Now, click on the activity log button from the left sidebar >> Logged actions and other activities to expand menu. Then, click on Videos You’ve Watched from the list of filters provided by Facebook.

How Can I See the Videos I watched Again On Facebook?

To be able to see Videos you have watched again on Facebook, kindly follow the simple guides provided here. How To Find And Watch Recently Watched Videos On Facebook – 2023 Guide

How Do I Find My Watch Later Videos On Facebook App

Not long ago, Facebook started giving the “Watch Later” feature for desktops, making it appears as a little tab on the right-hand corner of a video uploaded directly to the site. If a user chooses to save the video for later, the videos can then be found under the “saved” tab on the left-hand side of the News Feed.

Why Cant I See The Videos I’ve Watched On Facebook?

Many people are complaining of not being able to watch recently videos on Facebook, and when this happens, you would have to click on the Logged action and other activities to expand the menu. Then click on Videos You’ve Watched from the lists of filters. Now, you should see the list of videos you just watched recently on Facebook.

How do I replay a video I watched on Facebook?

The only way to replay a video you have played on Facebook is to learn how to watch all your recently watched videos with the steps and guides given above here to help you see how to see reels you watched on Facebook. You can buy Facebook Reels views on The Small Business Blog. It will help you to get tons of viewers.

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