Impact Of COVID-19: Teachers To Be Challenged In The Use Of ICT To Teach

By | March 18, 2020

As a result caused and Impact Of COVID-19, a lot of Teachers To Be Challenged In The Use Of ICT To Teach in their various schools.

Per confirmation today from Joy News TV, a channel that is part of the Multimedia Group, on one of their program — was a discussion on how Ghanaian teachers are going to be using the power of technology — as implementing the Information Communication & Technology in teaching.

Not long ago was when the president, Nana Akufo-Addo declared that all public gatherings should stop operating and declared that all activities of businesses, industries, congregations, schools etc. should be observed.

Teachers To Be Challenged In The Use Of ICT To Teach

With this, it made some businesses, schools and industries took the step in transacting via online and even some congregations also announced to their members of the online Church that will be going on. ICGC then resort to online Church service after ban on public gatherings and educated all Church members on how they can join online to stream and contribute using the power of the internet.

Statement from the president;

Fellow Ghanaians, I have come into your hands again this evening. To provide an update, as I promised on the measures taken by the government to combat the coronavirus pandemic. You may recall that on Thursday, 12 March 2020, when I first spoke to you directly on this matter. I announced in the first raft on the enhanced measures taken on the response of the pandemic. At that time, there had been no reported confirmed case of the coronavirus in Ghana. Since then, 6 confirmed cases have been announced.

With this, the president upon his declaration gave some of the gatherings that could lead to the spread of the coronavirus.

All public gathering, that includes conferences, workshops, religious events such as Churches and mosques all are not allowed but private burials are permitted without exceeding the number of 25 of persons.
Schools closed down from March 16, 2020 until further notice and with this, it brought about the challenge — that teachers are now to use ICT to teach.

On the talk show on JoyNews about the Impact Of the coronavirus pandemic that caused Teachers To Be Challenged In The Use Of ICT To Teach was a president of NAGRAT, Angel Carbonu disclosing his opinion about how Ghanaians can leverage on the power of technology to enhance education despite the ban of educational gatherings.

According to Angel Carbonu, president of NAGRAT, they looked at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on education, there will be redistribution of students after the form ones and the form twos have gone home but wondering how teachers are going to be made available.

The atmosphere is not conducive for learning. This atmosphere come about as a result of psychological effect of the whole thing based on our comprehension, lack of understanding etc.

The frame of mind of the students and teachers itself is not geared towards teaching and learning.

Angel Carbonu further explained that, you may have the presence of students to learn or the presence of teachers to teach but the frame of mind for teaching and learning is not there andĀ upon sharing his idea on the best alternative, he made mentioning that a website has been developed and with an integration of the curriculum for students to access to learn.

The decision to close down schools was taken between the interest of the child. ICT Catalogue follows to bring you more updates soon…..

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