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By | March 27, 2023

Exodus Effect Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Exodus Effect.

The Exodus Effect is a step-by-step manual that enables both Christians and non-Christians to make their own healing oil from natural ingredients. It has no stimulants and does not make you feel high. There is a link between active ingredients and living a long and healthy life.

Books about history and religion talk about old ways to stay healthy and live longer. Research shows that people are living shorter and shorter lives over time. In the same way, there have been more illnesses that may not have been around a few hundred years ago.

Professionals in many different fields say that pollution, stress, chemicals, living a sedentary life, and eating unhealthy foods are the main reasons why people get sick. To strengthen their immune systems and fight infections, communities in the past relied on natural herbs, plants, minerals, and vitamins.

The Bible is one of the oldest books about religion. It has been turned into a lot of different languages. However, the translation has supposedly led to some words getting different meanings. The Exodus Effect is a health program based on the Bible that uses ingredients that God approved of but were lost in translation.

About the Product: What is the Exodus Effect?
In most religious ceremonies, oil is used to anoint people. The Exodus Effect is a religious anointing oil that uses both natural and scientific ingredients to reduce pain, boost the immune system, and strengthen faith.

The Exodus Effect is a step-by-step manual that enables both Christians and non-Christians to make their own healing oil from natural ingredients. It has no stimulants and does not make you feel high. There is a link between the active ingredients and living a long and healthy life.

Per Exodus Effect creators, notable biblical figures such as Methuselah, Adam, and Ibrahim, among others, purportedly used the anointing oil daily. But when the Bible was translated into different languages, the “key” part of the anointing oil was lost.

Pastor Andrew and Dr. Benet, both of Divine Origins LLC, say that CBD oil can improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health based on evidence from both science and the Bible. The people who made the game say that Kaneh-Bosem originally meant the cannabis plant. But a wrong translation of the Bible gave it a new meaning, “Calamus,” which is a herb with few health benefits.

Exodus 30:22 is said to list the benefits of the original oil that God made for anointing. In the Bible, the cannabis plant made anointing oil that was good for your health and could:

Reduce pain in the muscles, joints, and body that lasts for a long time.

Boost the body’s defenses.

Make blood flow better

Support digestion

Fortify faith in God

Combat sleep issues

Still, the people who made The Exodus Effect say that biblical cannabis had no THC and didn’t have any side effects.

How Does the Exodus Effect Work?
Pastor Andrew says that most Christians might not agree that the cannabis plant can be used as medicine. People think that marijuana causes mental problems and has bad side effects when used for a long time.

The pure CBD oil in The Exodus Effect comes from high-quality hemp. When combined with other natural extracts, the Exodus Effect quickly absorbs into the body and offers significant health benefits. How to make THC-free CBD locally is covered in the guide.

The endocannabinoid system is strengthened and improved by the Exodus Effect, according to Dr. Benet. It helps with a lot of things, like digestion, circulation, and breathing. It also goes after pain and quickly gets rid of it at its source. In the same way, CBD can stop the body from making too much cortisol, which helps the body naturally deal with anxiety. It also lowers the amount of stress in the body and reduces oxidative damage at the cellular level. It can boost immunity and reduce inflammations that aren’t good for you.

Ingredients in the Exodus Effect
The people who made the Exodus Effect say you can make the original anointing oil from the Bible with cinnamon, cannabis, myrrh, cassia, and olive oil. The step-by-step guide is supposed to show how anyone can make CBD oil at home without THC. But the dose should be strong and fresh for people to get the health benefits that were promised.


Natural cannabinoid molecules are essential to the efficient operation of the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). Several types of research show that toxicity, an unhealthy diet, and the use of certain chemicals can lower cannabinoid levels, making the ECS weaker. Cannabis has CBD parts that give the body cannabinoids, which help the body work better.

Dr. Benet says that CBD oil can help relieve pain, especially in the muscles, back, and joints. It may help with chronic headaches and migraines when taken in certain amounts. Also, pyre CBD oil is an important part of treating stress symptoms. There is a lot of evidence that it can help people relax and feel less anxious. The people who made The Exodus Effect say that it can help people sleep better and fight insomnia.


Myrrh is one of the most common herbs in the Bible, and it is often used in anointing oils. The people who made The Exodus Effect say that the herb can treat, among other things, indigestion, leprosy, arthritis, and gout. Myrrh, according to science, is a potent antioxidant that can improve the health of cells and strengthen the body’s defenses against disease. In a similar way, myrrh may lower the risk of heart problems, diabetes, and other health problems.


Cassia is a plant extract that can improve blood flow and muscle health. Scholars say it can help the blood vessels and lower the risk of getting high blood pressure. It can also lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and the amount of fat that builds up around the arteries.

Some studies show that cassia may help keep blood sugar levels stable. It is said to reduce insulin resistance and may speed up the fat-burning process.


Cinnamon is used by most people to add flavor to their food. The sweet-smelling ingredient is a detoxifying agent that can lower toxin levels in the blood. Additionally, it can combat free radicals aiding in cell regeneration.

Multiple evidence shows that cinnamon can support weight loss and intensify energy levels. It may increase respiration rates, improve digestion, and curb appetite.

Benefits of the Exodus Effect
The anointing oil may combat chronic inflammations and pain

The Exodus Effect ingredients can improve the immune response

It may lower the chance of getting some health problems.

Anointing oil might help people lose weight.

Natural processes can have more energy.

It can help people do better physically and mentally.

One’s Christian faith may be strengthened by the product.

It is said to be able to open the doors to divine blessings.

Every purchase is protected by a satisfaction guarantee.

The main ingredients are said to be natural, scientific, and historical.

What is the Exodus Effect?
Q: Who can use the recipe for the Exodus Effect?

A: The Exodus Effect is for adults who want to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health with natural and Biblical ingredients.

Q: What would happen if the Exodus Effect doesn’t work?

A: Each purchase is backed by a money-back guarantee from the developer. If the Exodus Effect doesn’t work as promised, customers can contact the company within the time limit and ask for a refund (365 days).

Q: Does the company provide shipping?

A: The customer has immediate access to The Exodus Effect and the three bonuses after making a purchase.

Q: How long should I use the oil for the Exodus Effect?

A: The makers recommend using the Exodus Effect for 3-6 months

Pricing and Availability
The Exodus Effect is only available via the official website. After making a purchase, customers immediately receive the digital guide (in PDF format) and all three bonuses.

Bonuses from the Exodus Effect include:

Divine Pet

The Lazarus Effect

The Hidden Prayers

Customers also have access to the Prayer Warrior Network, an online community where people pray for each other and strengthen their faith.

Refund Policy
A 365-day money-back guarantee is offered by The Exodus Effect. According to Dr. Benet and Pastor Andrew, following the recipe exactly can have positive effects on one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. After a few days of using the Exodus Effect, some customers may have good results.

About Divine Origins, LLC
Divine Origins LLC is a company based in Miami that puts out books on spirituality and healing. According to the company’s website, it was started by “people of faith” who strongly believed in God’s “Healing Power.”

Last Word
The Exodus Effect is a PDF guide that contains ingredients from the Bible that can help with physical, spiritual, and mental health. The anointing oil from The Exodus Effect can get rid of unhealthy inflammations, ease pain, boost the immune system, and improve overall health.


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