How To Do MTN Pay4Me Offer In Ghana 2021

By | June 14, 2021

Knowing how to do MTN Pay4Me offer in Ghana is very important — since you can be in an emergency situation and would be required to call someone to rescue you.

MTN has free calling offers for its Ghanaian subscribers to enjoy moment of free calls at any part of the country.

With the MTN Pay4Me offer, a subscriber is allowed call some for the person to pay for the airtime credit.

In our today’s article update, I shall take you through the various ways you can activate the MTN Pay4Me offer in Ghana.

What is MTN Pay4Me Offer?

The MTN Pay4Me offer is an MTN-to-MTN service that lets you ask the person you’re about to call to pay for the phone call. If the person you are doing the MTN Pay4Me to does not have airtime on their phone, they’ll receive a missed call SMS.

When you do the MTN Pay4Me to someone, the person has to either press ’1’ to accept your call or ’0’ to decline it.

The MTN Pay4Me offer is very useful since it helps you in an emergency situation to make call for free on your MTN number. This simply allows you to call someone and the receiver will pay for the call with his or her airtime.

How To Activate MTN Pay4Me Offer In Ghana

As an MTN subscriber, if you want to make the MTN Pay4Me offer, all you have to do is to dial 154 before dialing the receiver’s number. For instance, you want to call a number like; 0244300000.

You will simply dial 1540244300000 and press the call button and the receiver will answer if he or she has enough airtime credit balance on the phone before the call can be accepted.

This way, I believe is another way to make free calls on MTN and you can find out more information about how to make MTN Free calls with the various short codes here.

Watch Video Of MTN Pay4Me Offer In Ghana Below.

MTN Ghana

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Frequently Asked Questions About MTN Pay4Me Offer

What Is MTN Pay4Me Offer In Ghana?

MTN Ghana allows you to make calls even when you do not have credit. It allows you make collect calls to your family and friends anytime, anywhere. When you make an MTN Pay4Me call, the receiver pays when he or she accepts your call.

MTN Pay4Me Code in Ghana

The MTN Pay4Me code in Ghana is 154. You dial the 154 code and add the number you intend to call in-follow to make the call.

Is MTN Pay4Me offer part of Free MTN Call Packages?

Yes, MTN Pay4Me offer can be counted among the MTN Free call offer since it allows you to make free MTN calls to another MTN registered number without having airtime.

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