How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Smart TV 

With over 600 movies and 7000+ TV series available, the on-demand video streaming business is expanding quickly. It features a special website, an app for cellphones, computers, Smart TVs, and many other devices.

When it comes to Disney Plus on Smart TVs, apps for Samsung, Sony, and LG Smart TVs make it possible to stream Disney Plus seamlessly while lounging on the sofa and binge-watching the screen’s never-ending stream of television series and films. Disney

Disney Plus however does encounter certain issues on smart Tvs and this article deals with it.

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How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Smart TV 

Restart the smart TV

The problem is specific to the Disney Plus app and appears to be impacting just a small number of devices over time, it appears that the majority of customers have voiced their complaints about the Disney Plus black screen issue that affects either LG, Sony, or Samsung Smart TVs.

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Naturally, resetting the TV fixes the majority of momentary hiccups, and this is no exception. After trying to restart the system, several customers have found relief from the problem. Here is a rough idea because the steps are quite obvious.

  • Disney + and all other apps must be disabled.
  • Switch off the Smart TV, then wait a while.
  • Using the Disney + app, restart the TV and see whether it functions correctly.

Inspect your internet connection.

Disney Plus app on your Samsung TV may not function if your internet connection is sluggish or inconsistent. Restarting your network router should be your first action.

To accomplish this, unplug your router, give it a 30-second delay, then re-plug it. Link your Samsung smart TV to your router after completing this, then try to access Disney Plus once more. Any connection lag issues should be resolved, and Disney Plus on your Samsung TV should begin to function.

Verify Your Samsung TV’s Compatibility

The Disney Plus app is not compatible with some Samsung smart TVs. Prior to doing anything, you must confirm that Disney Plus is compatible with your version of smart TV.

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Disney+ is currently accessible on the majority of Samsung Smart TVs with Tizen OS that were manufactured between 2016 and the current model year (i.e., models launched between 2017 till now). On Samsung’s website, you can obtain a full list of models that are compatible.

Uninstall & Re-install

It turns out that this is a tried-and-true technique for resolving any difficulties you have with Smart TVs, Disney Plus, or other apps. The fact that you must first delete the program means that you are getting rid of all of its features and bugs. Reinstalling the program will resolve the Disney Plus black screen problem in the end. This is how it goes.

Update Disney Plus App

The Disney Plus app on Samsung smart TVs frequently stops functioning for other reasons, one of which is that an older version of the app is installed. On your Samsung smart TV, Disney Plus may unexpectedly crash or display a black screen as a result of this.

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In that case, you should check to see if you are using the most recent version installed, otherwise you should update and do so on your TV.  
This is how to do it:

  • If you want to return to the Home screen on your Samsung TV, press the Home button.
  • Go to the bottom menu on the home screen and select “Apps”

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