How To Check Your Glo Phone Number In Ghana 2021

By | January 8, 2021

There has been numerous requests from users about how they can check their Glo mobile phone number in Ghana at ease — after reading how to check your phone number on any mobile network in Ghana.

This drew my attention to provide you with this article guide — on how to check your Glo phone number in Ghana with the USSD shortcode easily.

Glo Ghana is one of the commonly known and used mobile networks in Ghana that has been providing best mobile network services in the Ghanaian telecom industry.

For both mobile network for call and internet services provision, Glo Ghana is known to be one of the best mobile networks in Ghana.

Just like how you can register MTN SIM Card yourself in Ghana, Glo Ghana SIM subscribers after registering for their newly purchased Glo SIM card, do throw away the SIM pack that is containing the phone number.

When this happens, you then get confused on how to know your Glo Phone number. It has happened to me before, when I wanted to know my Glo Ghana phone number, after throwing away the SIM card pack — quickly after the Glo Ghana merchant registered my SIM Card for me.

In today’s article, I will like to walk you through the step by step guide on how to check your Glo Phone number in Ghana — using the simple USSD short code.

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number

Glo Ghana has simple way for subscribers to check for their phone number using their short code at ease. Follow the steps below to check your phone number.

  1. Dial the short code, *1244#
  2. Glo Ghana will display your phone number on your mobile phone
  3. Write your Glo phone number somewhere
  4. You can also save it in your Google Contacts with title; ‘My Glo’

This is the procedure you need to follow to check your Glo Phone number easily.

Get In Touch With Glo Ghana

Do you have any issue regarding your Glo SIM Card despite how to check your phone number, or having any complaint you would like to lodge to Go Ghana? Then you can make use of their contact details below to get in touch with them easily.

Address: GloMobile Ghana Limited
19 Spintex Road, Opposite Furniture Cuty, Accra

Telephone: 0230010100 / 0230010200

Email: [email protected]

I am glad to provide you this article on How To Check Your Glo Phone Number In Ghana 2021.

There are varieties of mobile networks in Ghana; MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, AirtelTigo Ghana — but today’s article is solely on how to check your Glo phone number in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions About Check Your Glo Phone Number

Which Code Will I Use To Know My Glo Number In Ghana?

The code you will use to know your Glo number in Ghana is the shortcode, *1244#.

Glo Ghana short code for checking mobile phone number

The best Glo Ghana short code for checking phone number is *1244#.

How do I check my Glo phone number?

The best way to check is to use the short code, *1244# to check your Glo phone number.

How do I check my Ghana Glo number 2021?

In 2021, the only useful Glo Ghana shortcode for checking your phone number is the *1244#.

I hope this article has served the purpose why you visited this Tech blog in Ghana, you can always visit this blog for more information about the latest technology updates.

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