Business Development Consultant And Sales Person: What’s The Difference?

By | February 28, 2022

The nature of the business is going to be changed with the advent of technology. The marketing and the sales staff are the core of all the revenues. Personal selling and business development are treated as different functions in organizations. These are well-paid people, as they are going to determine the future of an organization.

In our today’s article guide, we shall discuss more with you about Business Development Consultant And Sales Person: What’s The Difference?.

The online salary calculator makes us able to find the optimal expense an organization can bear for these important positions. Hire the best business development staff and sales staff. These people are the crux of the company’s revenues, online salary calculation enables the organization to establish a balance between their running expenses.

When an organization is able to find the right balance in how , they can invest, then they are able to find the best Human Resource. Calculate income by salary calculator to find, how much expense you can afford to spend on the running expense.The Sales Staff and the Business Development Consultant (BDC)  are the most critical positions to earn revenues. This personnel is always on the front door of an organization, and dealing with the customers. 

Organizations don’t hesitate to invest more in these critical positions if they are able to balance their expenses. Companies are paying extra commission to the sales and the marketing staff, to make more revenues. The commission is paid separately from their regular remuneration, the same goes for the business development officers. The online salary calculator enables the organizations to find the right balance between their expense and quality of expertise. 

In this article, we discuss the differences between sales and business development within a business.

Difference between BDC and Sales Person

There are obvious differences between the BDC (Business Development Consultant) and Sales Person when you see their operational responsibilities. 

Companies Profitabilities

BDC (Business Development Consultant) and Sales Person are contributing to increasing the companies profitability. Their scope of responsibility is different in this regard, both of them are doing their roles in increasing the companies profitability.

The Business Development Consultant is always scanning the market environment and spotting new business opportunities for the business. These people are guiding the company to take new steps in the right direction. 

Their roles somehow are internal as compared to the Sales Staff. The Sales Staff is dealing the clients directly, to covert the leads into the permanent clients. They are getting the extra commission for them, online salary calculator helps organizations in finding which sort of profitability is best for them. When you are hiring expert staff, they are bringing more revenues to the organization. 

When you are hiring a well-trained staff, they would help to satisfy the clients. When you are able to satisfy the customers, they are going to repurchase the product and the services of the particular brand. 

This would help to build a brand, you can say, branding is totally dependent on the satisfaction of the customer. If your customers are satisfied, you can launch a new product in the marketplace. 

Customer Relationship Management

Business Development Consultants and Sales Person have different responsibilities when we are discussing Customer’s Relationship Management (CRM). Business Development Consultants are making strategies, how to capture more clients. On the other hand, the Sales Persons are dealing directly with the clients. They are directly dealing with the clients, and it is critical to maintaining a cordial relationship with the customers. 

You can say CRM is partly dependent on the Sales Staff and partly on the Business Development Consultant. When the clients are totally satisfied with the product and services of the company products. They are going to repurchase the products and services of the company. You can say the Business Development Consultant role is strategic, as they are making the strategies, to capture the market. 

The Sales Staff role is operational, and they need to maintain the day-to-day CRM. You can’t deny their roles when considering the CRM of the organization. The online salary calculator helps us to maintain a delicate balance, between the sales and revenues of the organizations. You can say, that CRM is the most critical thing in branding, only top-notch companies are able to deliver the products according to the demand of the market.   

Customers Viewpoint

The customer’s viewpoint about the sales is quite obvious, they are working with the sales staff and Business Development Consultant on three stages:

Brand Awareness stage

The Business Development Consultants are trying to create brand awareness and the Sales Staff is executing it. Consider an example of the Banking sector, the Business Development Consultants are making strategies to exploit the market. The Sales Staff is a tool to execute it, they are working in tandem. 

The sales staff is providing awareness in the market regarding Bank policies. The online salary calculator assists us in finding, how much you can provide an incentive to the sales staff. The main focus of both teams is to produce brand awareness in the marketplace.

Brand Consideration stage

At this stage, the customers are generating alternatives, for example, if they are going to purchase a brand new car, there are multiple options for clients. Customers usually compare the services of different Banks. Then at the end, it analyses the services of an organization. If a Bank has a better sales force it can approach the client and can change the decision of the client. Organizations are investing heavily in their sales force to assemble a better image. The online salary calculator assists us to find a better sales force, you can offer them better incentives considering the volume of the sales.

Brand Selection stage

If an organization’s Business Development Consultants and Salesforce are working in tandem. They can exploit the marketplace and the client’s decision-making process as they have devised better executable strategies. In the marketplace, there is always tough competition, it is up to the marketing strategies of a brand, which make it the number one choice for the market. The brand selection starts with the advertisement and is finalized by the sales force. Online Salary calculator assisting the organizations to provide the extra benefits to our sales force.

Business Development Consultant and SalesForce

The role of the Business Development Consultants is strategic in nature. They are always working on long-term projects. Their role is to formulate the strategies for the organization. They are just helping to nurture the fruit and continue watering it, their strategies are going to work for the long term basis.

The online salary calculator helps us to find the best recruitment of the  Business Development Consultants. They are not going to deal with the day-to-day operation. It is their duty to generate long-term strategies for the company, and maintain a brand positioning.

This is quite necessary for the organization to be competitive in the marketplace, without the experienced Business Development Consultants(BDC), no organization can sustain itself in the marketplace. Organization to hire well qualified and experienced Business Development Consultants(BDC), seasoned staff is required at these places.  

The role of the sales is operational in nature and they have to perform the day-to-day operation. The main purpose of the sales staff is to nurture the inbound and outbound leads. You can say the sales staff is the face of an organization, if the sales are performing well, then the whole organization can generate profits. 

The online salary calculator helps us to understand, which kind of commission is best united for your sales staff. Organizations paying well to their sales staff are getting better profitability. The sales staff performance is going to be judged by day to performance, their day to performance is key for the organization’s profitability. Their incentive is based on a monthly and quarterly basis. 

Teamwork and Synergetic Approach

You can say there should be a synergetic approach between the  Business Development Consultants(BDC) and sales staff. If in an organization, the sales staff and the Business Development Consultants are working in tandem, then they can exploit the market.  Their performances are compensating for each other.

Teams Building Process

The Business Managers, team building is the best thing for an organization when you are hiring the employees in an organization, they would work as a crowd. Everybody has their own goals and objective, Mangers do work to make a team, but after the Crowd stage, they are going to become Group, at this stage their goals are going to be in line with each other. After this stage, they would become a team, when all of them have the same goals and objectives.

We can distinguish the whole process in three steps:

  1. Crowd 
  2. Group 
  3. Team 


For example, consider a service organization like Bank, we try to explore, how the synergistic approach between the Business Development Consultants(BDC) and sales staff. If the Business Development Consultants have an insight into the market, then they formulate the strategies to exploit the market. SalesForce is just executing the strategies of the Business Development Consultants(BDC).

Service organizations having experienced Business Development Consultants(BDC), then they can also get the best out of the sales staff. It is all about the teamwork and the synergetic approach between the Business Development Consultants(BDC) and the SalesForce.

Products vs Technology

The sales force is focusing on the products, they can easily able to deliver the customer immediately. The Business Development Department is focusing on the availability of the technology. The Business Development Department is formulating the strategies how to available a particular technology to produce a product or the service. The salesforce department is delivering these products to the consumers.

 When you are using the online salary calculator, it would help to find, how much you can invest in your sales force. Calculate income by salary calculator and adjust your expenses, and create a delicate balance, how much you need to invest in the Business Development Department and in the SalesForce Department. 

The  Business Development Department making sure how to make available the resources to develop a product according to market demand. The SalesForce Department is presenting the product in front of the customers. If the Business Development Department has developed well-formulated strategies, how to produce the best quality of the product and the services. 

Then the sales force would be able to find a way to sell this product to the final consumer. They are actually two parts of a machine, which is producing a product, the performance of the Business Development Department dependent on the performance of the Seles Force and vice versa.  

Researching vs Transactional

The role of the Business Development Department is to developed new strategies and nurture brand growth. They are always in pursuit of doing the SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. They are scanning the environment and formulating an implementable strategy for the organization. You can say their role is as a Researcher, to scan the market and find new ways to exploit the market.

 A online salary calculator can be handy in determining, how much they can invest in the Market Information System (MIS). It is key to the success of any organization in the marketplace.The role of the sales force is transactional, they need to implement a strategy made by the  Business Development Department. The sales force is presenting the immediate solution to the clients. They are the face of an organization and are the best tool inincreasing the revenues.

The final thought

The role of the sales staff and the business development officers is ever increasing, as their services sphere has been increased by the online media. The sales staff is identifying the leads, new clients, and closing the deals. The business development officers involve in exploring new business opportunities. The role of the sales force is ever increasing in an organization.

Their role is somehow strategic in nature, as they are making long-term future strategies. They are business analysts and are able to explore new business opportunities in the business world. Technology has made their role more evident, as they are also providing their services on social media. Online salary calculator can be a vital tool in finding the running expense, as the organizations are taking their work online.

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