Best ICT Schools In Ghana

By | August 13, 2022

The IT sector may be at the top of your list if you’re considering a new career or a profession shift and contemplating over a decent career choice.

In this guide, the best ICT schools in Ghana is our topic of discussion.

What is ICT?

ICT stands for ‘Information Communication Technology’. Sending emails, surfing the web, making video calls, and utilising a computer, tablet, or mobile phone for daily tasks are all examples of using basic ICT skills and technology to communicate.
You will gain more sophisticated skills and knowledge if you study ICT. Your understanding of technology and how it functions will grow. You will acquire theoretical knowledge of subjects like computer science and web development as well as practical skills like coding and programming.

Why is ICT training important?

Today, we do not even need to leave our rooms or homes to find some type of ICT in our daily life. We all use them in some capacity, whether it be a computer, plasma TV, or cell phone. As ICT consumers in today’s society, people all aspire to live linked lives, which is the one dream that unites them all.

Because of this, a large portion of the population chooses to live with ICT. Additionally, this lifestyle choice is altering how we interact and receive information, speeding up shopping, and changing how we communicate.

We now live in an environment that is dominated by technology, which is itself consumer-driven, as ICT has infiltrated and affected many facets of our life. No matter how we choose to view it, it is undeniably a significant aspect of our lives and is here to stay.

Importance of Students Engaging with ICT

It is important for students to learn and familiarise themselves with ICT so that:

  1. They can adapt 21st-century skills and develop their ICT capability and ICT literacy.
  2. Improves their attainment levels.
  3. Prepares them for an integrated society dominated by ICT developments.
  4. So that they learn the idea of using ICT as a tool for lifelong learning.

Best ICT Schools In Ghana

IT Scope Computer Training Center
Zentech IT Solutions Limited
Miteo ICT Training Center
IPMC, East Legon
Ramsys Infotech Solutions
Adam Center for Research in Computing
Star Electronics, Computer Training & Business Centre
west african computer training institute
IPMC Computer School
GWS Online GH – Ghana Web Solutions Online
DAB Computer Services and ICT Training Center
PC Angles Computer Training Center
aeTechnovations Co. LTD. (ACIT)
AITI-KACE (Advance Information Technology Institute- Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence)
J-Prompt Professional Institute of Technology
Beacon IT Training Center, Accra
Omega1 ICT Training Institute
Accra Institute of Technology
NIIT Ghana – Global Leader in IT Education and Training
Aptech Computer Education – Ghana
Kessben Computer Training School

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