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By | November 10, 2021

Jokes are good, jokes bring joy out of sorrow, jokes kill hatred and idleness, jokes eliminate bad feelings in humans, jokes deletes some bad emotions from humans, above all, jokes make us happy even if there is a river of sorrow.

But some jokes even make us bore or lose interest in so many things we love doing, in other to enjoy the aroma inside every joke, you need to consider two things which are; where it comes from and how it was formulated.

In this article, we look at some source of jokes that changes our moods as soon as we come across them in a sad mode.

Gone are the days that humans were the ones who stand on stage to crack jokes to their audience at cinemas, but now, technology has introduced a new way of life where one can enjoy the best of jokes on their mobile devices with a simple click.

We look at some of the best apps that provide the best jokes consistently.

Joke Book

This app is available only on android devices; it provides more than 3000 funny jokes in English.

Only jokes

This app also runs on android devices only, it was created by Tiago English Tutor, it has more than 1000 funny jokes that will crack your cheeks.

Funny Jokes and Riddles

This app also provides Riddles aside it funny jokes that it gives it viewers, it was introduced by Marco Studios.

Funny Jokes to Laugh

This is an offline free app that provides more than 10,000 top funny jokes; it is also available on the Google Play Store only.

Funny Jokes In English

This app by Instant Touch helps their viewers to enjoy funny jokes collections in English from all over the world, it can be accessed on android devices only.

10,000 Funny Jokes

10,000 funny jokes is owned by HokkabazSoft Entertainment, it was highly designed to give more than 10,000 free funny jokes in 25 categories, it can be used on android devices only as well.

Book of Jokes

The product of the Smart App inc was formed to brighten your day with a smile by reading these hilarious rib cracking jokes, it is available on android devices and currently have 1m downloads already on the  google play store.

Pun Intended

If you want to laugh, Pun Intended joke books has the best jokes to serve you.

Dad Jokes

This is a collection of Puns and Corny Jokes, it is a free app on google play store.

Funny Jokes

This is an app from Mucho-apps, it provides a selection of the best around the globe to all android users.

Download Daily Jokes Free for Android - Daily Jokes APK Download -

In summary, Google Assistant and Google Search are two more excellent joke apps. You can easily search for jokes and Google will provide them through search.

There are so many joke apps in the system currently but the above is the list of the top 10

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