Why The 2020 BECE School Placements Is Likely To Be Out Before February Ends

By | February 26, 2021

We are in the fourth week of February so far – and still hoping to hear about the release of the 2020 BECE placement from Ghana Education Service (GES).

Several blogs and platforms made the announcement about the 2020 BECE School Placement to be released last Sunday, the Ghana Education Service (GES) could not fulfill the promise as 2020 BECE Candidates and guardians expected.

The Ghana Education Service is setting up Placement Call Centers to deal with all the issues that may come up after the release of the Placement for students who wrote the 2020 BECE in Ghana.

Though we are in the fourth week of February, GES has given strong assurance that the placements will be released before this month ends. Students will be able to check for their 2020 BECE School Placement into various SHS schools in Ghana.

Reasons Why BECE Placements Will Likely Be Released in February 2021

From the effect of the global pandemic coronavirus, GES has also stated that due to the pandemic virus, the usual going to the Black Star and other regional GES offices to solve the placement issues will not hold.

Technical team at GES is working towards the issue – to make sure that the GES Call Center runs effectively. This will help to receive complaints to solve the BECE 2020 Placement related issues in Ghana.

GES can be confirmed to be releasing the 2020 BECE School Placement this month since issues at the placement call center has been set up.

Press Release From GES

Statement from the introduction of the press release from GES “The Ghana Education Service (GES) informs the general public that it is preparing sufficiently to release the Computerized School Placement soon.”

This is a clear indication and assurance that GES will be releasing the 2020 BECE School Placement before the month of February ends.

With confirmation, first year students or SHS 1 students are to report on Campus on 10th March 2021 and students are to prepare adequately – for their SHS School Placement.

Steps Involved In Making Preparation For 2020 BECE School Placement

  • Make purchase for your BECE Placement Checker card.
  • Find out about School’s prospectus and start buying items for school.
  • Prepare a sum that is ready for first term.

In addition, you have to always stick to GES news reporting channels to confirm the actual date the 2020 BECE School Placement will be out.

When Will The BECE 2020 School Placement Be Out?

The BECE 2020 School Placement has be confirmed to be released Before February Ends. With this, all parents, guardians and students are to make preparation to be selected.

All Questions Answered About

When will 2020 BECE Placement be out

There was a report sighted revealed that the 2020 BECE students’ placement is scheduled to be released on Sunday 21st February 2021, between the hour of 11:30 pm and 12 midnight. But GES had issues and the technical team are proving with their best for that.

Is 2020 BECE School Placement out

No, the 2020 School Placement Checker is not out.

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