Asus Laptops And Their Prices In Ghana 2023

By | July 4, 2023

Today, we are going to brief you more about Asus Laptops And Their Prices In Ghana 2023 for interesting computer lovers.

Asus are the best laptops for business, with unrivaled mobility, lightweight, toughness, and all the power you need for anything from light.

These laptops meet a wide range of exclusive usability features, a diverse color choice, and always-great affordability for everyone.

Where To Buy ASUS Laptops In Ghana

Deus Ghana primarily deals in toners, printers, and other printer accessories. Aside from that, they also deal in computers and accessories. It is one of the most trusted places for all your printer needs.

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So if you are in Ghana and you are looking for the prices for ASUS laptops, then this article is for you.

ASUS Laptops Prices in Ghana

ASUS Laptop SpecsPrice (GH¢)
New Laptop ASUS 16GB Intel Core I7 SSD 1T12,500.00  
Laptop ASUS 8GB Core I7 HDD 750GB2,500.00
Laptop ASUS A72JK 4GB Intel Core I7 HDD 1T1,980.00
Laptop ASUS X540LA 4GB Intel HDD 500GB1,200.00
New Laptop ASUS 4GB Intel Celeron SSD 128GB1,690.00
Laptop ASUS A72JK 4GB Intel Core I5 HDD 500GB1,300.00
New Laptop ASUS 8GB AMD HDD 1T4,100.00
New Laptop ASUS 16GB Intel Core I7 SSD 1T7,200.00
New Laptop ASUS X750JA 12GB Intel Core I5 HDD 1T4,800.00
Laptop ASUS U82U 6GB Intel Core I5 HDD 500GB1,300.00
Laptop ASUS 4GB Intel Core I5 HDD 700GB1,200.00
Laptop ASUS ROG GL752VW 16GB Intel Core I7 HDD 1T4800.00
New Laptop ASUS G51JX 8GB Intel Core I7 SSD 512GB5,800.00
Laptop ASUS 8GB Intel Celeron HDD 500GB1300.00

Best ASUS Laptop in 2023

In my review, I called this latest iteration of the ASUS ZenBook 13 close to “the perfect laptop,” with its remarkable OLED screen, long battery life, and plenty of power. And while not all models will have the Ryzen 7 processor that I experienced during my tests (others may use an 11th-generation Intel processor), the core value remains the same: This is a remarkable laptop.

ASUS vs Acer – Which One Is Better?

ASUS and Acer are known for being two of the better options if you’re looking for a budget laptop. However, the budget doesn’t necessarily mean they’re low quality, as sometimes they use similar parts to other more expensive laptops.

Although the two brands are quite similar, there’s a clear distinctive line between Acer and ASUS which splits them and makes ASUS the better choice. Aside from the much better customer service, ASUS has a wider range of products to choose from.


Although on average an ASUS laptop might be more expensive this doesn’t mean they’re expensive. ASUS still offer some of the cheapest laptops which are available on the Ghana market right now, and they can offer a good balance of cost to power.

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