How To Apply For NSS Direct Loan With Simple Steps in Ghana

Loan is vital in our life – as each and everyday, someone is in need of money urgently to complete some task (s). Whatever be the case, you can apply for a loan and get it direct as an NSS personnel in Ghana.

What Is NSS Loan in Ghana?

NSS direct loan is a paperless, fast, easy, and convenient way by which National Service Personnel (NSP) found within the subvented category can request for loans from Direct Savings and Loans Ltd.

The interesting part is that — a National Service Scheme personnel can apply for loans and this does not require any processing fee, no penalty and no collateral from National Service Persons. Personnel can apply anywhere at anytime and at their convenience.

NSS Direct Loan short codes and others

  • *396*1#: This is the short code that is used to access loans from Direct Savings and Loans Limited Services for NSS and Youth Employment Agency loan application.
  • *396*1#: The short code that gives you an interest rate for the NSS Direct Loan. The interest rate for loan is 6.5 per month.
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Requirements for NSS Loan

  • Applicant should be newly posted National Service Personnel
  • Applicant should be Registered and Validated National Service Personnel
  • Applicant should be National Service Personnel in the public sector

In today’s article, I will like to walk you through the step by step guide on How To Apply For NSS Direct Loan in Ghana for 2021.

How To Apply For NSS Direct Loan In Ghana

  • Dial *396*1# to apply for NSS Direct Loan
  • Select NSS from the popup message that shows
  • Enter your NSS Number. Eg. NSSGCC2054965). The portal will display your NSS information after entering your NSS Number like;
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • NSS Number
    • E-zwich Number
  • Click 1 to accept the loan from the popup that appears with your NSS Information
  • Receive PIN via SMS.
  • Enter the four (4) digits PIN to confirm and for verification
  • Setup your Personal PIN
  • Dial the short code again, *396*1#
  • Choose request loan from NSS Direct Loan
  • Give reason for the loan
  • Enter the amount
  • Confirm your repayment date
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Congrats, you are now done with how to apply for NSS Direct Loan in Ghana.

If you want to know how to repay your NSS Direct Loan, then the loan amount will automatically be deducted from your E-zwich by the National Service Scheme on a monthly base – with its interest.

All Questions Answered For NSS Direct Loan in Ghana

how to apply for NSS loan

ICT Catalogue has given you the full guide about how to apply for NSS Direct Loan in Ghana at a faster way. Kindly check the full guide here.

NSS quick loan short code

The NSS Quick loan short code is *396*1#. You can dial on your mobile phone using all networks in Ghana.

NSS student loan

NSS Direct Student loan has become one of the best students loan in Ghana you can rely on — for all emergencies.

NSS quick loan short code

The NSS quick loan short code is the *396*1# from Direct Saving and Loans.

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direct loan contact number

You can contact Direct loan via 0302743300 or WhatsApp via 0577619776.

direct savings and loans USSD code

Dial *396*1# to access the Direct Service loan.

How To Repay NSS Direct Loan

The loan amount would automatically be deducted from one’s E-zwich by the National service Scheme on a monthly basis, plus interest.

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