Android TV Remote App Not Working – How To Fix It

By | November 24, 2022

Users with Android TVs may play games, watch internet material on various streaming services, and more. The majority of these streaming and gaming applications are pre-installed on TVs, and the user interfaces of most Android TVs are quite similar.

The remote controls for these TVs, which are provided with the appliance, might, however, vary between manufacturers. With an Android TV, every manufacturer includes their exclusive remote.

As a result, if your remote malfunctions, you won’t be able to use your Android TV in any way. Here are some methods for fixing the Android TV remote not functioning issue if this is a problem you are experiencing.

How Can I Fix Android TV Remote App Not Working?

Check Your Internet Connection

The internet connection is frequently the root of the issue because a poor internet connection will result in app problems.

So, check to see whether your internet connection is steady, or try switching networks. For instance, if you are presently using Wi-Fi, try utilizing your mobile data with the Android TV Remote app to see if it resolves the problem.

Additionally, you may attempt to restart your router or modem by switching them off and then back on again after a short period of time.

Clear Android TV Remote App’s Cache

Because the cache might get damaged, clearing the app’s cache can frequently fix issues with the Android TV Remote app.

It can occasionally become corrupted, which makes the software unable to function properly. You must thus clear your cache to resolve the app’s loading problems.

Follow these methods to remove or delete cookies and cache;

  • On your Android device, open Settings and navigate to Apps Menu.
  • Select Installed Applications and search for the Android TV Remote app.
  • Then at the bottom of your screen, select Clear Cache.

Try Using the Remote from a Close Distance

The majority of Android TV remote controls pair with the device using Bluetooth. The remote must thus be within the TV’s Bluetooth range. Make an effort to go closer to the TV when using the remote, and make sure nothing is in the way. This also applies to conventional infrared (IR) remote controls, which require both the transmitter and the receiver to be in the line of sight. If it doesn’t work, restart the TV to see if that solves the issue.

Restart the TV

Because the remote isn’t working, you’ll have to restart the TV. To restart the TV, try utilizing the buttons that are located on its side. Pulling the plug from the power source can accomplish the same thing if you are unable to locate any. After the TV has restarted, try the remote. If it doesn’t work, you might need to change the batteries since they are flat.

Check and Replace the Batteries in the Remote

Alkaline cells or batteries are used to power TV remote controls, thus if the battery’s charge runs out, the remote control will stop functioning as intended. The batteries may be taken out of the remote’s battery compartment by sliding the cover. If they need to be replaced, do so, then test the remote.

Check to see whether the remote has the appropriate type of batteries while you’re at it. The polarities also line up with those shown on the remote, which is most significant. If you utilize rechargeable batteries, make sure to recharge them first before putting them into the remote.

Try Pairing the Remote Using Button Combination

The majority of Android TV remotes use Bluetooth to connect to your TV. Therefore, in contrast to a regular Infrared (IR) remote, you must link with the TV. If the remote is unpaired, the TV will no longer function until it is paired again. The button combinations for pairing the remote vary depending on the TV and the remote.

To determine the correct button combinations to connect the remote, consult the user manual that came with your TV. On certain TVs, it may be the home and back buttons, or just holding down the home button for a short period of time. If the user manual does not include the information you are looking for, a fast Google search should be helpful.

Use an Alternative Device to Pair the Remote Again

You may link the remote from the TV’s settings menu using an external input device, such as a mouse if it still doesn’t work. Connect the mouse to the computer via a USB connection. Then, click the Settings icon in the top-right corner and choose the Remotes & Accessories option. The remote control can be added and re-paired with the TV from this point.

Use the Google TV App as a Remote

Use the Google TV app as a remote for your TV as a last option if everything else fails. It’s great that Google provides you with this option within the Google TV app so you can always use it as a backup in case your actual remote stops working or disappears.

In the lower right corner of the Google TV app, open the TV remote option. Use the instructions provided on your smartphone as the TV remote by following them.

It is time to file a complaint with the authorized service center if nothing seems to work for you and your TV and remote control are both still unresponsive.


We have shown the ways you can follow to fix the Android TV remote app not working.  Kindly read through this article well and get your problem solved.

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