Micro Mechanic App for Android

Do you want to know how to make the most of your micromechanical device? Simply obtain a reliable app to employ with it for a straightforward solution.

We’ve put up a list of the top micro mechanic apps that can streamline the process of owning a car. These applications allow you to quickly and easily do a complete car diagnosis by connecting to your mechanic’s device. You may see the overall performance of the vehicle in real-time, track vehicle sensors, and identify malfunction codes.

In this write-up, we will be talking about micro mechanic apps for android. So relax and enjoy.

Micro Mechanic App

CarSys Scan

The software has a variety of functions and analytical tools. It enables you to do a sensor test, check engine lights and codes, verify your VIN, and much more. It functions with a number of scan tools (you can read the whole list by clicking the link below), and it uses Bluetooth to connect to your automobile.

All of the existing DTC codes may be found and cleared using the app. You can see what the actual problem is because of the extensive foundation of code explanations that it includes. In addition, you can see how far you’ve gone, how long the engine ran, and even how many warm-ups there were if necessary.

Additionally, it contains all of the vehicle’s information, such as the ID number, calibration ID, verification number, operation tracking, and more.

A real-time dashboard may be created by you by including the gauges and parameters you’re interested in. Although the program is free, there are still many adverts.

Car Scanner ELM OBD2

With the help of this software, you can detect faults with your automobile and gauge their seriousness.

You may view the current status of your automobile in real time with this app. OBD error codes, real-time operation, and more will be available. It connects through Bluetooth to a mechanic gadget so you can detect even the smallest problems and concerns with your car.

You may now customize the dashboard by adding the gauges you want to keep an eye on. To access comprehensive information from the car’s manufacturer, you may even add custom PIDs. In the event that you frequently receive DTC fault codes, the app is a definite must. There is a sizable database of these codes with thorough descriptions.

Additionally, the results of the ECU test are immediately available. You’ll be able to see how to fix the automobile yourself to save on paying for repairs. Also, you can immediately check all the sensors and text that the car is prepared for an emissions test.


You can get a complete car diagnosis with all potential issues from the app. The app will notify you if there are any problems with the ignition or electrical circuit. Additionally, the app will notify you of any problem codes (these are split into 3 levels for easier understanding). It is convenient that all codes come with thorough descriptions.

Additionally, the app analyzes your driving style and flags any potentially risky tendencies. It examines your driving history and assigns you a grade based on economics and safety. The app also allows you to view comprehensive travel records, average speed, and overall miles.

You are permitted to examine a thorough record of all instances of speeding, accelerating quickly, and making sudden turns. Additionally, if you drive recklessly, you may activate the mode that alerts you to danger. Additionally, you may totally customize the display to fit your tastes.

OBD Auto Doctor Car

Your smartphone will transform into a full-fledged auto scanner with this app, helping you comprehend your vehicle better. You may monitor stats in real time and customize the dashboard by adding widgets of your choosing. You can monitor engine temperature, torque, and other things, for instance.

You can examine and track your preparedness status with the app.  Other servicing procedures covered by the app include filter regenerations, leak testing for evaporative systems, and more. Beyond that, you’ll learn to read DTC, and the program provides explanations for a large number of codes.

Even the check light and problem codes can be cleared without having to see your car technician. There is a feature for monitoring fuel usage while driving as well. You’ll receive comprehensive reports and advice on how to reduce your gas costs. The software is free, however, some tools are only available to pro-subs.

Torque Pro

Another app that analyzes cars and serves as your own mechanic is this one.

This app’s idea is very straightforward: it uses Bluetooth to link to a scanning tool and displays real-time car performance data. You may check detailed information on engine revolutions, fuel use, speed, and of course the problem codes thanks to the app’s OBD-II compatibility.

A sizable database of fault codes and their descriptions is provided here. Even DTC and fault codes may be reset via the app, which might help you save money on repairs. Additionally, the software allows you to create a personalized dashboard and include all the widgets you’re interested in.

The app can read transmission temperature and provide the most accurate speed information among the other tools. You can also test the performance by recording your drives if necessary. Additionally, you can use a tool that automatically posts your geotags to Twitter if you’re driving. Although the app’s user interface (UI) has an outdated appearance, the features are unaffected.

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