Voice To Text App for Android Without Internet

These days, Android smartphones are quite sought-after, and users are proving to be astute by using intelligent applications. One of those practical solutions that streamline our job is voice-to-text.

It is accomplished by sending our communications at a much faster, supersonic rate, which also increases our productivity. Consequently, you need to be aware of the top voice-to-text apps available.


If you have requirement of converting text into speech, you can use apps that helpw with converter texto em voz natural.

In this write-up, we will walk you through the voice-to-text apps for android without the internet.

Voice To Text Apps

Live Transcribe

As the name implies, Live Transcribe instantly converts any speech input into text. It literally translates into words as they are being said. Word-for-word transcription might not convey the same sense, thus this function lets you keep an eye on the transcript.

For people with hearing impairments, it is quite helpful and is powered by Google’s automated speech engine. It enables multilingual transcripts and more than 80 languages, much like the Voice Notebook.

The human-like characteristics of this program are yet another intriguing aspect. It can clearly distinguish between background noises like traffic, construction, and other noises and the voice. 

TalkBox Voice Messenger

The quick manner they transmit, distribute, and post audio messages makes this Voice Text App one of several. An excellent platform for communication with your children, friends, and partners is offered by Talkbox Voice Messenger. Speaking into your microphone is all that is required to activate the feature, and the program will quickly and accurately translate your spoken words.

A little voice bubble that appears in the conversation is another feature. Additionally, it offers a variety of features, like location sharing and photo sharing. Group conversations may be held in a Text Box with a maximum of 9 participants. It is among the greatest Voice Text Apps and is free for Android.

ListNote Voice To Text App

The first thing to notice when launching the ListNote app after the program has been installed is a popup menu that prompts you neatly to enable the bright or dark theme user interface.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, open ListNote and begin using the built-in speak-to-text conversion tool. Find the speech recognition button, then speak to do that.

Additionally, it has an amazing function that enables you to halt and restart the recognition engine. The words must be recognized by the program for them to appear in the text box after recognition.

The text field’s contents are stored as notes rather than lost. These notes can be changed at any moment. Even your phone contacts and friends on social media can access them.

Speech notes

This app’s punctuation keyboard is hands down its finest feature. Most individuals think that dictating punctuation marks is inconvenient. You may create sentences more quickly and effectively by using the punctuation keyboard, which features on-screen keys for the punctuation that is used the most commonly.

A custom keys row is also part of the keyboard. This allows you to quickly add your most often-used expressions, such as your name, signature, or acknowledgments.

It offers continuous recording and supports Bluetooth as well as offline note-taking. Unlike other dictation programs, this one will continue to listen as you take extended pauses to think of the words in between sentences.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant must be mentioned while discussing voice text apps, in our opinion. Unlike others, it serves the user’s demands even if it isn’t primarily voice-to-text software.

The lovely features of Google Assistant are vast and varied, and they include a podcast player, smart home device management, location-based reminders, and more.

You may keep a diary, create voice-based lists, and set spoken reminders using Google Assistant. To add events to your calendar, it also makes use of the speech-to-text function.

Speech Texter

Offline mode is not supported by all voice-to-text applications. SpeechTexter enters the scene at this point. SpeechTexter functions nicely both online and off. This app’s unexpected usage of Google’s backend means that you must download the relevant language packages in order to use the offline mode.

By selecting Settings, Languages, and input, Keyboards and input method, and then Virtual keyboard, you may download the language packs. There, choose Offline speech recognition under Google voice typing. Select the desired language by tapping the All tab, then scrolling down.

SpeechTexter may be used to send SMS, tweets, and emails. Last but not least, this app also has a personalized dictionary where you can add private data like phone numbers and addresses. As a result, it is among the top Android voice messaging apps.


Otter is the greatest dictation software for Android and a cutting-edge AI tool. For webinars and live meetings, this software is excellent. Otter offers live captioning for the deaf, ESL (English as a second language) speakers, and anyone else who requires it. It also features sharing and invites collaboration to edit and highlight the notes.

In the notes, images can be inserted. In addition, the Otter software automatically breaks up paragraphs, handles punctuation, and capitalizes words as appropriate. Otter supports voice input through Bluetooth or a built-in microphone.

It also has a great function that lets you search for a word to get to that audio section and alter the playback speed. Additionally, you may export text as a PDF, SRT, or TXT file with this program.

This Android speech-to-text software is quite good. Start a free trial and utilize the basic version, which allows for 600 minutes of transcription each month, or buy the Pro version, which gives you 6000 minutes per month along with some more cool features.


Kindly read this article well to know the Voice to text apps for android without the internet. There are many voice-to-text apps that can be used without the internet, however, we have shown some of them in this article.

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