AirtelTigo Bundle Code In Ghana: How To Bundle, Check Your Bundle Balance, And More

By | August 31, 2022

AirtelTigo have been poised to give the very best to Ghanaians since they merged to form one network.

AirtelTigo data bundles have exciting offers made just for you that offer you the opportunity to choose how you would like to use and manage your data.

In this post, we will be looking at how you can purchase bundle and check your balance with AirtelTigo.

AirtelTigo Bundle Code

The Bundle Code for AirtelTigo is *111#. After you dial the number follow the prompt and choose the data packages for you. However there are five (5) primary data plans for customers so after dialing the shortcode you need to go further and choose the right package you want.

The Big Time Data Bundle, Night Bundles, AirtelTigo Morning Rush Bundle, Family Pack (XXL), and Sika Kokoo Bundles are some of the options available to you.

How to buy AirtelTigo Bigtime Data

The fundamental data bundles provided by AirtelTigo to all of its subscribers are called Bigtime Data Bundles. The fact that this package never expires makes it special.  Prices range from GHS 400 for 225GB to 50p for 25MB.

Follow the steps to buy the Midnight Bundle

  • Dial *111*1#
  • Follow the prompts to purchase BigTime Data packages

In order to top up using scratch cards, dial *126*PIN#.

How to buy AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo Bundle

the AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo data bundle is one of the popular data package offered by AirtelTigo to its clients. Sika Kokoo offers extra data for up to 15 days.

Follow the steps to buy the AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo Bundle

  • Dial *111*4#
  • Select option 1

The Sika Kokoo bundle now has a 24-hour rollover option so once the 24 hours expires and you purchase a new one, it will be automatically added to the new bundle.

How to buy AirtelTigo Midnight Bundle

The validity of the midnight bundle lasts between the hours of 12 midnight and 4:00 am.

Follow the steps to buy the Midnight Bundle

  • dial the short code *111#,
  • choose option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles)
  • choose option 3 (AirtelTigo Night Bundle) (Night Packs)
  • Choose the preferred amount you want to buy

AirtelTigo Family Bundle

As its name suggests this bundle is designed for the whole family to help everyone access the internet.

Follow the steps to buy the AirtelTigo Family Bundle

  • dial the short code *111#,
  • Select option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles)
  • follow the on-screen directions to choose the bundle that suits your demands.

AirtelTigo Morning Rush Bundle

If you are a morning person who wakes up very early, then this package is meant for you. To start your day on a good note, you can use this package which lasts from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays only.

Follow the steps to buy the AirtelTigo Morning Rush Bundle

  • Dial the short code *111#,
  • Select option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles),
  • Choose option 2
  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the transaction.

How to bundle Tigo Unlimited

Dial short ussd short code *111# and choose option 3 for the unlimited call plan or bundle.

How To Check Your AirtelTigo Bundle Balance

Dial *504# to check your AirtelTigo bonus and data bundle.

You can now view your usage history, check your balance, view your mobile number, check your registration details and many more. Simply dial *100# and follow the prompts.

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