Why Should You Shift To VPS South Africa From Shared Server?

By | July 7, 2021

There has been numerous times we all wished we could be hosting our websites and apps on a server that can best help sustain much traffic during the day, week or month.

With this, all you need to go for — is to get a strong server and moved from our shared hosting package that has been causing downtime and database connection error to our website anytime we get more traffic from social media sites and search engines.

In our today’s article, I would like to show you Why Should You Shift To VPS South Africa From Shared Server and more information for 2021.


Are you still relying on the Shared server for your website’s growth? If so, then you are making a huge mistake. A shared server means shared resources that have absolutely no criteria to distribute its resources.

If your website is the first to get hosted on the shared server, you can take advantage of more resources than other websites hosted on the same server. But, if another website gets high traffic before yours, then your resources will automatically get diverted to that website.

Hopefully, you can understand how badly shared hosting could affect your website’s performance.

VPS South Africa was introduced in the web hosting market to save your website from such exhaustion of resources.

VPS Hosting South Africa offers you an independent server space with dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, Storage) exclusively to host your website only. Because these resources can be scaled and upgraded on-demand, they are inexhaustible. Additionally, you can configure the server’s specifications the way you want to make it best fit your website.

Our next sections will tell you about the drawbacks of shared servers and the advantages of VPS hosting.

Drawbacks of Shared Server you should know

Being so popular in the web hosting industry has few disadvantages that could negatively impact your business. Let’s see what they are:

1. Limitation of Server Resources

With shared hosting, the resources you get are very limited. Therefore, if you try to make your website more resource-intensive or add more functionalities, your shared hosting will refuse to provide you. 

2. Cannot Handle High Traffic

A shared server is best for websites that get traffic only between 1-2k per hour. But if your website receives more than 2k visitors per day, it will cease to appear on the internet.

3. Vulnerable to Security Breach

Shared hosting offers shared security features, so other websites are also at risk if one website is hacked. Moreover, you cannot put up a firewall or install any security software to protect your website from outside attacks.

4. Malicious Neighbors can Impact you.

With a shared server, you get a lot of neighbours. If one neighbour follows malicious practices, then it will equally impact the other websites. You have no control over the activities of your neighbours. 

5. No Root Access or Control

The biggest drawback of having a shared server is no root access or no control over your server. Without root access, neither you can install any custom software nor any application to modify your server the way you want. Moreover, whatever OS or applications your hosting providers offer, you can use them only.

Advantages of Shifting to the South Africa VPS

After reading the drawbacks of a shared server, now it’s time to look at the advantages of shifting to VPS hosting.

1. No Need to Share Server Resources with other

With VPS hosting, you get a private space plus resources exclusively for your website only. This means you are not required to share your resources with any other website hosted on the same server as yours. A VPS allocates a completely separate compartment for your website so that it can grow independently. 

2. Have Support From a Skilled Tech Team

VPS servers are more technical than regular web servers. It is basically an upgraded version of shared hosting whose setup is much easier to handle.

If you have a problem with your VPS server or your website goes down for an unknown reason, you’ll need a support team that can assist you.

Most VPS hosting providers in South Africa offer 24/7 technical assistance to keep your website up all the time. No matter how technically proficient you are, having a skilled tech team supports work as a plus point during tough times.

3. Protect your Data with High Security

Since security is the top priority of every website, VPS hosting offers top-class security measures to protect your website from outside attacks. Such measures include DDoS protection, end-to-end encryption, firewall, malware scans and removal, antiviruses, SSL certificate, and much more.

4. Full Root Access and Complete Control

The best advantage of having VPS South Africa is Full root access. This means with root access; you can control your server the way you want and install any custom software or application on your server to support your business functionalities. Additionally, you can install your choice of operating system (Linux or Windows), whichever you think can suit your website best.

5 High Scalability of resources

With VPS South Africa, you can scale up or down your server resources as needed. You can start with a limited number of resources and then gradually increase them as your website grows. There is no need to buy out excessive resources that may not be required. It may be possible to add additional resources without any downtime if you choose the best VPS hosting provider that supports it.

Why is Wisesolution – the Best VPS Hosting provider in South Africa?

Wisesolution, being established in 2010, has been recognized as the best web hosting company in the world. With a client base of more than 10,000, it has won various awards. The expert team of wisesolution did in-depth research to provide you with world-class hosting services at the most affordable price.

Unique features of Wisesolution VPS South Africa Hosting are as follows:

  • 99.99% Uptime: Wisesolution offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee with all its VPS Hosting South Africa plans. This means your website has only a .01% chance to go down per year.
  • 24/7/365 Instant Support: The company has an in-house professional support staff that handles all customer queries instantly.
  • Root Access: Wisesolution offers complete root access to modify your server configurations the way you want.
  • Choice of OS: With each VPS South Africa package, you will get a choice between Linux and Windows operating systems. Choose any OS that seems best to you.
  • Unique IP address: Wisesolution provides you with a Unique IP address to keep your website secure from your neighbours as well as outside hackers.

Pricing Plans of South Africa VPS Hosting

Every package of Wisesolution VPS South Africa comes with a choice of Linux and Windows OS. You will see only a minimal price difference between the two.

Customer Reviews

There is no point in trusting any company without reading reviews of previous customers. So, please read the reviews of its customers and make your decision.

Final Thought

After reading both drawbacks of shared servers and the advantages of VPS South Africa, you must have understood that shared hosting could not give you the growth you are expecting. It’s VPS Hosting Africa only can not only give you enhanced resources but more reliability, security, flexibility, 24/7 customer support, technical assistance, scalability, etc.

However, switching to VPS South Africa will never leave you to regret it. If you are still confused about whom to contact for the VPS Hosting package, I would like to recommend Wisesolution. Its services and hosting packages are unbeatable in this web market.

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