When Will The BECE School Placement Be Released In Ghana?

Many Ghanaians are desperate to know more about when will the 2023 BECE School Placement Be Released across the nation.

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After writing to Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) as the primary examination that makes a candidate eligible to qualify for placement into Senior High School as Second Cycle, the next thing to think about is the School Placement for BECE candidates into SHS.

The SHS School Placement has a portal many parents, candidates or guardians could logon and check for their SHS School being placed. But here is the case the placement has not be released, and we are all curious about when is the released date.

Could the release date be next week, next two weeks, next month or when?

The Ghana Education Service is very careful when it comes to the placement of students into various Senior High Schools in Ghana. GES deals with many reasons before a candidate is being placed into any Senior High School, to avoid any distraction and misunderstanding.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) after considering many factors for students to be placed into their various Senior High Schools, makes the list of selected Senior High Schools public — for individuals to be able to check and verify for their choice of school from the CSSPS School Placement Portal.

The BECE School Placement is what most people will expect to see its release just like how Microsoft Practice Test Questions and its certification is.

Here is our complete informational guide you should read about When Will The BECE School Placement Be Released In Ghana?

When Will The BECE School Placement Be Released In Ghana?

Each and every year, after the BECE candidates are done writing their final exam and the Basic Education Certificate Examination results are being released, the next thing that follows is the CSSPS School Placement from GES.

GES is curious about the release of the School Placement and this SHS School placements are being released every middle of August — after BECE results are released for candidates.

After the BECE results are released for the general public to be able to check for BECE results online for candidates, the next thing that follows is the SHS School Placement after few weeks.

The 2022 BECE results delayed to be released and this made the SHS School Placement also delayed. The 2023 School placement has not been released — due to the waiting time in release of the 2022 BECE results.

WAEC announced official about when will the 2022 BECE Results be released in Ghana on the 19th January, 2023 — indicating that candidates should expect their 2022 BECE results to be released on Wednesday, 25th January 2023.

The information according to several report from WEAC indicates that GES will be releasing the School Placement on the 9th February 2023 — after few weeks of the released of the 2022 BECE results in Ghana.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) shall make the public announcement for individuals to be able to check for their selected school of choices on the CSSPS Placement portal.

Students have the chance to check and appeal for placement into the Senior High School of their choice from Ghana Education Service (GES).

After the release of the results, the release of the School Placement by GES, the next thing to know is how to check your BECE School Placement on the CSSPS Portal.

How To Check BECE School Placement On CSSPS Portal

Visit the cssps.org to access the CSSPS BECE Placement Checker Portal

Enter your 10-digits BECE index number followed by the year. (This is the year you wrote your BECE)

Enter your eVoucher Code (12-digits voucher number)

Click on the proceed button — to check your School placement

Wait for a new window with your School Placement to display

For more information about how to check your BECE School Placement, how to check your WAEC results and more, you can check our useful information given below.

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