What Is MTN Free After 1 Code In Ghana

By | August 19, 2022

MTN has succeeded in ‘seducing’ its customer with one of the most exciting bundles in Ghana as we speak. The bundle is known as MTN Free After 1.

This bundle is also known as the MTN Nkomode bundle and with this bundle, all you need to do is to pay for the first minute of your call and enjoy the rest for free.

Nkomode is a well-known Ghanaian word that simply means “SWEET TALKS.”You’ve probably heard of this bundle, but you may have little to no idea what it actually entails.

If you find yourself in this situation, prepare to be mesmerized because we will be discussing the MTN Nkomode bundle and will do well to touch on several aspects of the bundle.

What is MTN Free After 1 Bundle?

We’ve already established that the other name for the MTN Free after one bundle is NKOMODE, so we’ll look into what the bundle actually is. With this bundle, you only pay for the first minute of calls to MTN numbers, with the remaining minutes being completely free. You will not be charged for any additional minutes spent on the call after the first minute.

MTN Free After 1 Code

You may be in a hurry to learn the code for subscribing to MTN Free after only one bundle. You can subscribe to this bundle by entering the code *550#.

How to subscribe to MTN Free After One Bundle

Simply do the following if you want to enjoy MTN Free after one;

  • The first step is to dial the *550# code.
  • After dialing the short code, a pop-up window will appear on your screen; select option 1 to activate the bundle.
  • You will need to confirm your activation, so select option 1 from the pop-up that will appear.

How can you deactivate your MTN Free after one subscription?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can deactivate your MTN Nkomode bundle, the answer is yes. You can deactivate the subscription by completing the following steps:

  • To begin, dial *550#.
  • Instead of selecting option 1, you must now select option 2, which is to deactivate.
  • MTN will send you a confirmation message if you choose option 2.

NB: You must bear in mind that the bundle comes with its own term and conditions. To see these terms and conditions, CLICK HERE!!!

MTN Ghana Social Media Handles

Below are the social media handles of MTN Ghana;

  • Facebook: http://facebook.com/mtnghana
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MTNGhana/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/MTNGhana
  • YouTube: http://youtube.com/mtnghana

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