Vodafone Router Price in Ghana

By | September 1, 2022

You will learn about the Vodafone Ghana router price and specifications after reading this article. Vodafone Ghana router is a type of high-speed Internet access that connects to the internet via a wireless connection at your home or workplace.

Vodafone Ghana is widely regarded as having one of the best-fixed internet services in the country. If you intend to purchase one of Vodafone’s routers for your home or workplace, please continue reading as we provide the accurate answers you require.

The Vodafone router is known as the Vodafone Smart Surf and with that, you can carry it anywhere and use it provided there is electricity since you have to connect to electricity before using it.

About the Vodafone Router (Smart Surf)

Vodafone Smart Surf is a plug-and-play wireless broadband router with a high-powered internal antenna for lightning-fast browsing. Enjoy superfast browsing, streaming, downloading, and other activities. Smart Surf is appropriate for both the home and the office.

Types of Broadband Services provided by Vodafone

Ultrafast Fibre Broadband – Vodafone Fibre is our ultrafast broadband service, with speeds of up to 50mbps delivered via cutting-edge fiber optic infrastructure in select locations across Ghana. It is ideal for internet users who have multiple devices online at the same time.

Super-Fast Broadband – Enjoy super-fast broadband delivered to your home or office via our ADSL technology or a wireless connection. Anyone with access to our landline service or Smart Surf wireless broadband router can get up to 12Mbps with our Standard ADSL and Fixed Wireless broadband.

Why the Smart Surf is a great fit for you?

  • It helps you stay connected online at home for business, education, and entertainment purposes using a single data source.
  • With the ability to connect up to 32 devices, everyone can do everything at the same time.
  • With our plug-and-pay smart surf, you can live a stress-free life.

Vodafone Router Price

The Vodafone Smart Surf is available for GHC 485 and upon purchase, you will receive 5GB of data for free.

Internet Packages available on Vodafone Smart Surf

The packages on the Vodafone Smart Surf come in two types and these are;

Monthly Bundles – Mini Basic (GHC 20 – 5GB), Mini Pro (GHC 40 – 10GB), Browser(GHC 90 – 25GB), Streamer (GHC 140 – 50GB), Webmaster (GHC 200 – 100GB), Downloader (GHC 290 – 135GB), Family (GHC 400 – 275GB), Office (GHC 500 – 410GB

No Expiry Bundles – Browser (GHC 95 – 17GB), Streamer (GHC 145 – 33GB), Webmaster (GHC 210 – 66GB)

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