Vodafone red bundle code in Ghana

Vodafone red bundle code in Ghana

Vodafone has a certain internet bundle package namely Vodafone red bundle which many users are enjoying nowadays, whiles others are having free access to benefit from this great service from Vodafone, others are even having difficulties in getting the actual code to activate this great service.

Our priority here today is to help you get access to this great service as well.

On mobile, the code to get access to Vodafone red bundle in Ghana comes in a two-way thing, the first code is *151*3*, and the other one is known by many users which is the *200#, you can choose of the mentioned.

With this bundle, it comes with many options to choose from, it includes the daily bundle which gives you unlimited calls to Vodafone numbers, 10 minutes to call all local networks, and 52 MB of Data at just GHC1.

With just GHC2, it gives you 51 minutes to all local networks and 52 MB Data which doesn’t expire and 414 minutes to call Vodafone numbers, 31 minutes to call all local networks & 104MB Data for just 3 days.

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With the GHC5 Vodafone Red bundle plan, it gives you 155 minutes to call all local networks and 155MB of Data with no expiry, with just GHC5.40 one, can also enjoy 258 minutes(129minutes to call Vodafone Numbers, 129 minutes to call all local networks), 259MB Data and 10 SMS for 7 days.

Vodafone Red bundles and codes in Ghana ▷ YEN.COM.GH
Vodafone red bundle code in Ghana

It has so many great features not mentioned here which gives you a comfortable feeling as you enjoy Vodafone red bundle.

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