How To Generate A Vodafone Cash Token In Ghana 2022

There has been numerous requests from friends and ICT Catalogue followers about How To Generate A Vodafone Cash Token In Ghana.

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Vodafone cash token is also another way whereby customers can send money to non Vodafone cash users.

Not long ago was when Vodafone Ghana brought change that — Ghanaians can send money money from their Vodafone Cash to another Vodafone Cash or other network mobile money services for free. This means every Vodafone Cash user can send money to other mobile money networks for free.

Apart from MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash is another commonly used mobile money service found in Ghana for performing much transaction with their free charges on Vodafone MoMo transfers.

Imagine at the point you are urgently in need of cash but there is no Vodafone Cash agent around, what will be the next option that comes in mind. That is where you should make good use of technology by knowing how to withdraw Vodafone Cash from ATM within some minutes. Before doing that, you would have to first of all generate a Vodafone Cash token before you can withdraw money from the ATM on cashless service.

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In today’s article from ICT Catalogue, I would like to educate you about How To Generate A Vodafone Cash Token in Ghana at ease.

Below are some steps you can follow to generate a Vodafone cash token;

  1. Dial *110#

2. Select option 4(make payment)

3. Select option 4 again(Generate Voucher)

4. Enter your security pin

5. You will receive an SMS with your 6-digit token pin

This is the useful guide on for any Vodafone Cash user out there who wants to know more about generating a Vodafone Cash Token within some couple of minutes.

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