USA Zip Code: What Is The ZIP Code For United States Of America (USA)

By | June 18, 2022

US ZIP codes are a form of postal code used in the United States to aid in the efficient routing of mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

The basic format was introduced in 1963 and consisted of five digits. An expanded ZIP+4 code was established in 1983, which featured the five digits of the ZIP Code, a hyphen, and four numbers that indicated a more specific location.

In this post, we will show you the Zip codes for the United States of America. Knowing the zip codes is useful when seeking contact information in the United States. For your convenience, we’ve included a list of states in the United States along with their respective zip codes.

Here is a list of some states in the United States of America and their Zip codes:

StateState CapitalZip Code
Alabama [AL]Montgomery35004 – 36925
Alaska [AK]Juneau99501 – 99950
Arizona [AZ]Phoenix85001 – 86556
Arkansas [AR]Little Rock71601 – 72959
California [CA]Sacramento90001 – 96162
Colorado [CO]Denver80001 – 81658
Connecticut [CU]Hartford06001 – 06928
Delaware [DE]Dover19701 – 19980
Florida [FL]Tallahassee32003 – 34997
Georgia [GA]Atlanta30002 – 39901
Hawaii [HI]Honolulu96701 – 96898
Idaho [ID]Boise83201 – 83877
Illinois [IL]Springfield60001 – 62999
Indiana [IN]Indianapolis46001 – 47997
Iowa [IA]Des Moines50001 – 52809
Kansas [KS]Topeka66002 – 67954
Kentucky [KS]Frankfort40003 – 42788
Louisiana [LA]Baton Rouge70001 – 71497
Maine [ME]Augusta03901 – 04992
Maryland [MD]Annapolis20588 – 21930
Massachusetts [MA]Boston01001 – 05544
Michigan [MI]Lansing48001 – 49971
Minnesota [MN]Saint Paul55001 – 56763
Mississippi [MS]Jackson38601 – 39776
Missouri [MO]Jefferson City63001 – 65899
Montana [MT]Helena59001 – 59937
Nebraska [NE]Lincoln68001 – 69367
Nevada [NV]Carson City88901 – 89883
New Hampshire [NH]Concord03031 – 003897
New Jersey [NJ]Trenton07001 – 08989
New Mexico [NM]Santa Fe87001 – 88439

Why Are Zip Codes Important?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) uses zip codes to efficiently transport mail and parcels. They’ve also been used to split individuals into groups and stratify data, allowing marketers, researchers, and corporations to separate populations by region for better efficiency.

Also, the zip code is widely recognized as an important piece of information for determining delivery routes and locations. It may be used in marketing to segment customers based on where they reside. This data can assist firms in focusing their efforts on client categories that have the highest likelihood of maintaining their business.


This article includes a list of USA zip codes as well as information on each state, such as the capital, largest city, and more.

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