1 United States Dollar (USD) To Ghana Cedis (GHS) Today

By | November 7, 2022

Gone are the days you will only depend on Western Union in Ghana, before converting your US Dollar to Ghanaian Cedi with the Western Union currency converter. But now, you could possibly check and convert the US Dollar rate to Ghana Cedi with an input of an amount you wish to convert and choosing your currency.

ICT Catalogue is here to give you more about 1 United States Dollar (USD) To Ghana Cedis (GHS) Today according to the foreign exchange rate for in the country.

Foreign Exchange Rates

The exchange rates are updated daily and are indicative rates according to Bank of Ghana directives. For someone who is living in the country, you may have access to free tools foreign exchange rates and all the necessary tools including a currency conversion calculator, all the historical rates and graphs, and a monthly exchange rate average.

You have been searching for the various ways you could convert your United States Of America Dollar (USD) to the Ghanaian Cedis because you have a physical or digital dollar currency of which you would love to convert now.

Here is the USD to GHS Table, with the US Dollar rate to Ghana Cedis and the Ghana Cedis rate to the United States Dollar.

On this chart displays history of exchange rate for USD/GHS or (United States Dollar / Ghanian Cedi)

US Dollar Rate To Ghana Cedi

Quick conversion table showing conversion rates between USD to GHS pair.


Ghana Cedi Rate To US Dollar

Quick conversion table showing conversion rates between GHS to USD pair.


How To Convert US Dollar To Ghana Cedi

Here is our complete steps on how you could change or convert your US dollars into Ghana cedis without breaking beyond borders.

If you are interested to convert your United States dollar into the Ghanaian Cedi, you would need to know how much is 1 dollar to a currency of any country in the world – use an online converter, or multiply the number of total currency against the rate in such currency.

Should you are not familiar with the self calculation — to convert the US Dollar into Ghana cedi, I prefer you check below for more on how to check for dollar rate with online converters and how to check with Google.

How To Convert US Dollar To Ghana Cedi Online

By using the online converter, there are more currency converter platforms that give you such an opportunity to convert US Dollar into Ghana Cedi currency without doing any calculation.

Today, it is possible to exchange rate of currencies from over 96 different countries in matter of seconds right from your home or office using the power of the internet.

Here is how to go about and be able to convert the United States Dollar into Ghana Cedi online.

How To Convert USD To GHS Using Google Rate

For globally, Google is known to be one of the trusted search engines you could rely and verify for dollar rate in Ghana Cedi. You can check US Dollar to Ghana Cedi using Google below.

Convert USD To GHS on Google

After converting your US Dollar into Ghana cedi using various means, you should try possible and get a dollar account as well as a Ghanaian citizen.

What day is best to buy US dollars?

Most people are looking for the best day to buy the US Dollar in Ghana for transacting. If you are part of these people, the only way for you to get the best exchange rate every day is on the weekends. This is because the foreign exchange market isn’t operating during the weekends. In other words, most currency exchange service providers, international banks, and money changers are closed so the last operation is on Friday and this makes it weekends as the best day to buy US dollars.

Which Bank Has The Best Dollar Rate In Ghana?

Ecobank offers some of Ghana’s best foreign exchange rates among the country’s banks. You can obtain the bank’s rates by dialing the shortcode for mobile banking (*770#).

Where can I change dollars in Ghana?

What is the best way to exchange currency? There are many safe places where you can exchange currency: at most hotels, all banks and exchange bureaus and in the airport as well.

Knowing more about 1 United States Dollar (USD) To Ghana Cedis (GHS) Today makes it easier to understand the dollar and how it inflates the price of goods and comodities.

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