Top 10 Popular Laptop Computer Brands In Nigeria

By | September 4, 2022

In Nigeria, purchasing a laptop is not a simple procedure. It has numerous difficulties. This is evident due to the wide variety of laptops that we can see on the market.

The Nigerian tech market is swamped with numerous laptop brands, each of which caters to a different demographic. Majority of the typical Nigerian PC user’s visiting a store to purchase a laptop already have a manufacturer in consideration.

Even when they do not get the specific model to be purchased, they search for other laptops manufactured by the same company. In this guide, we are bringing you the top 10 popular laptop computer brands in Nigeria.

Things You Should Look Out For When Buying A Laptop

A laptop purchase involves a lot more than just the price. Therefore, you must chose wisely to prevent regreting after you buy. The following are some of the fundamental features that the ordinary Nigerian laptop user should pay attention to

  • Battery life
  • display quality
  • CPU
  • Screen size
  • RAM/ROM capacity
  • Biometric security feature

Top 10 Popular Laptop Computer Brands In Nigeria


Despite not being commonly utilized in Nigeria due to their high prices, Apple computers are created with unparalleled features. They have fantastic displays, amazing audio, and beautiful designs. They are also incredibly simple to use, opposite to what the majority of Nigerians believe. Furthermore, they deliver excellent performance and have a long battery life. Although Apple laptops are more expensive than the average, despite this, they are still worth the price.


HP takes pleasure in regularly delivering dependable laptops with excellent performance that span all price ranges and body types. HP laptops are adaptable and come in a variety of cutting-edge styles and functions. Additionally, their batteries continue to operate at maximum capacity years after acquisition.


Acer laptops are adored by a lot of people in the nation. The compactness of these laptops, along with their accessibility and effectiveness, will undoubtedly continue to draw new clients to the brand. Students, particularly undergraduates, who are putting together their college papers, IT reports, seminars, project defenses, etc., should use this brand.


 Lenovo is a  tech juggernaut with a dominant presence in the global market. Lenovo laptops are reasonably priced, easy to use, and have excellent display features. They last a very long time. If you have a limited income and you wish to get yourself a laptop, you can consider them.


Another well-known laptop brand in Nigeria is Dell. The caliber of these laptops is undeniable, and the price range is way cooler.   Due to its strength, which has contributed to its appeal among many in the country, Dell has a sizable client base in Nigeria and has remained in that position for many years. Dell ought to be on your list of brands to consider when purchasing laptops.


The Asus laptop brand is also very high quality, runs smoothly, and is a significant global player in the laptop industry. The only issue with this laptop  right now is the expense of repair, which is caused by the premise that Asus laptop hardware parts are not widely available in the nation so it costs slightly higher. 


This South Korean technology powerhouse makes top-notch computers that can neatly organize your work and other vital things. Their Chromebooks, Galaxy Books, and Windows laptops are all incredibly slimline and beautifully engineered to help take computing to a whole new level, guaranteeing that you are highly productive and can accomplish things that you formerly couldn’t.


 MSI is renowned for producing the greatest high-end gaming laptops. Globally, MSI is regarded as a top brand in gaming and eSports. MSI products are mostly focused on video game innovation. Its primary areas of development include motherboards, desktop PCs, graphics cards, and laptop PCs. It is a well-known gaming brand, but they don’t actually provide anything for people on a tighter budget. Even though their laptops are often highly pricey, the quality is astounding. They never stop inventing new technologies and creating gadgets with beautiful designs that draw players.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft  creates and produces a wide range of licensed hardware and software products. The most personal computers are produced there. The Windows 10 products from Microsoft are more powerful, thinner, and perform more quickly. It is a single product with many characteristics. Although Microsoft was founded in 1975 as a corporation, the division that makes laptops only began production in 2012.


They are renowned for the graphics and general gaming prowess of their laptops. The astronomical price tags are justified by the amazing computing capability on show. One may browse the whole line of gaming laptops from Razer that are appropriate for both work and play thanks to a special function they have developed for laptops. The newest technology is built into the laptops, which have the best graphics on a fantastic display.

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