The New Hockey Wordle Unlimited Game For Hockey Lovers

By | March 8, 2023

If you are a hockey lover, then you should try this new Hockey Wordle Unlimited game. It is an NHL player guessing game for all hockey lovers.

There is a wordle game for almost every sport and hockey is no exception. You can find games such as NBA wordle unlimited, NFL wordle unlimited, MLB wordle unlimited, etc. All these games are targeted at the pure fanatics of these types of sports.

There is an NHL playing guessing game available to hockey lovers now. If you follow hockey and know most of the hockey players, then you can probably play this. It is a player-guessing game so if you are not a hockey fanatic, there is no way you can play this game.

Hockey Wordle Unlimited

Hockey Wordle Unlimited also known as Hertl unlimited is one of the wordle games available to all hockey lovers. It is a playing guessing game.

Every day, there is a selected mystery player and wordle players have to guess the mystery player using clues that are provided in the game. The clues have a lot to do with knowing the hockey players’ statistics so if you are not a hockey fanatic, it will be difficult for you to win a game.

Let us look at how to play this game.

How to play

To play this game, you will have to visit in your web browser. The website is mobile-friendly so you can open it in your mobile browsers.

The New Hockey Wordle Unlimited Game For Hockey Lovers

The goal of the game is to guess the mystery player of the day within eight attempts. If you go hit eight wrong guesses, it is game over.

There are some colors and symbols that serve as clues to help you guess the mystery player. Understanding these clues will increase your chances of winning greatly.

The clues

The very first clue to take note of is the colors in the game. Each color shows how close you are to guess the mystery player. Green means the particular statistics of the guessed player matches that of the mystery player.

If you see yellow, it means your guess is very close to the mystery player. Yellow on Team also means the mystery player at a point in his career has played for that team before. If you see yellow on Age or Jessey Number with an arrow pointing up or down, it still means you are close.

If the arrow is pointing up, it means the mystery player’s number is higher than that of the guessed player. When the arrow points down, it means the mystery player’s number is lower than that of the guessed player.

The gray color means it is not matched at all.

Hockey Wordle Unlimited silhouette

The Hertl Unlimited wordle game was designed based on Dunk Town’s concept for Poeltl. The concept involves viewing a silhouette of the player if you could not guess using the statistics.

This particular feature is only available in Poeltl which is the NBA wordle unlimited game. It is also available in this game too so you can make use of it especially if you know most of the NHL players.

Using the silhouette will give you more chances of winning if you know most of the players by appearance.

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