The Great Jim Londos

By | November 1, 2023

Jim Londos, affectionately nicknamed “The Golden Greek”, was a huge figure during the early years of professional competitive wrestling. If you like this sport, you can play with 1x Bet website and explore the wrestling section of this platform.

He was born on the 2nd of January 1897 in Argos, Greece. However, in 1912, being only 15 years old, he moved to the United States. This was the country that would see him becoming a true wrestling legend. If you love all kinds of wrestling competitions and performers, you can play with the 1xBet website while making all kinds of wagers on the best performers too.

Becoming an absolute powerhouse

Londos’ career is simply impressive. In total, he had a magnificent career that lasted more than 3 decades. He competed at a top level between the 1920s and 1950s. He participated and won hundreds of matches during that period. Visit now if you want to start making wagers on modern wrestling legends too. During that period he also became the World Heavyweight Champion not once but multiple times.

Other things that made Londos extremely popular include:

  • people absolutely loved him;
  • thousands of people gathered to watch any of his encounters;
  • and also, had lots of techniques that made all spectators crazy.

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A person loved by the community

Londos wasn’t just about brute strength. He also had great technical skill and even speed on the ring. In fact, he created an iconic technique of his own called the “Japanese Sleeper Hold”. By using it, most of his opponents were just unable to continue fighting. You are invited to 1xBet download a betting app, and use it to make excellent wagers on fantastic wrestling matches from the comfort of your home.

His legacy on wrestling is just enormous. For example, he is credited for being a showman besides a great wrestler. This eventually gave rise to the huge theatrical things that we see in modern wrestling. After his retirement in 1953, this legend continued to be involved in wrestling. In fact, he was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 1996. This speaks a lot about his enormous legacy. You can download a betting app provided by 1xBet, and by using it, you will gain access to excellent wagering opportunities that won’t be found anywhere else.


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