How To Subscribe To Vodafone Red

Vodafone Red is an integrated bundle that gives you minutes to call any local network ,data to browse and SMS to connect with family and friends.

To subscribe to your Vodafone Red offer simply dial *200#. There are weekly and monthly Vodafone Red offer to choose from.

There 3 ways you can subscribe to this offers,

  1. USSD that is by dialing *151*3* or *200# 
  2. IVR(200)
  3. My Vodaphone App

Steps to follow,

1. Dial *151*3# or *200# and following the prompts.


2. When you select a Red Offer, the registration fee is automatically deducted from your credit balance and immediately you have access to the offer.

Vodafone customers can either buy a ‘one-time bundle’ or an ‘auto-renewal bundle’ on this offer. Customers can also stop auto-renewal by dialing *200# and select option 3 and choose the “stop auto-renewal” option.

When the Red bundle is about to expiry customers get 3 to 7 days grace period for weekly or monthly subscription respectively. During this grace period customers will have access to use up their unused bundle allocation.

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On the last day of grace period, if the customer has enough balance to auto-renew the bundle, the customer will enjoy a rollover of unused bundle with the auto-renewal. If not, the customer will lose all unused bundle.

To check balance on your Vodafone Red package dial *126#

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