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By | October 4, 2020

No two individuals are alike and everyone has different learning styles; and each communication issue is unique. Once an individual is assessed, the nature and severity of the communication disorder, you will have a better idea about the treatment. Progress depends on the child’s age, diagnosis, physical and cognitive abilities, attention, motivation and effort, and parental involvement.

Are you looking for speech therapy in Red Oak services, but can’t find a qualified, experienced native-English speak speech language pathologist?

Would One Of The Following Situations Describe You?

Generally an individual with a mild disorder will spend less time in therapy than one who has more significant delays. The latter may require long term intervention. A child with a language based learning disability may benefit from language therapy throughout his academic years. A speech defect with mild problems may spend less time in therapy than one who has more severe language defective behaviors. The pathologists will discuss the treatment of your child once they have a better understanding of the issue you are facing.

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech and language therapy is available to children and adolescents who present with speech, language and communication difficulties. Speech therapy occurs one-to-one personally or, over the internet in real time. A speech therapist meets with a student and they see and hear each other, and interact with materials using a special kind of internet collaboration software. It is much like a webinar, but they use software that allows both the speech therapist and client to share and interact with the materials on the internet simultaneously. It’s as simple as that!

They Treat Individuals Who:

  • cannot produce speech sounds or cannot produce them clearly
  • have trouble understanding what is said to them
  • have trouble producing language and expressing themselves
  • have difficulty reading
  • have difficulty writing
  • wish to improve their spoken language by modifying an accent
  • have attention, memory and problem solving difficulties
  • have difficulty organizing thoughts

People Contact Them For Many Reasons:

  • A mother worries because her son doesn’t talk as well as other kids his age.
  • A father is concerned because his daughter is not reading as well as the other children in her class.
  • Parents have a child who stutters or stammers.
  • A family has a child who struggles to get thoughts out, or on paper.
  • Some families, with special needs children, want help to improve their child’s pronunciation, receptive language and expressive language skills.
  • A family needs support for their child who lacks interactive social language skills.

The speech therapy services, speech therapist, speech therapist online, speech delay, speech disorder are provided by the certified speech-language pathologists. They determine if, indeed, your concern warrants further evaluation. Sometimes, providing coaching to the caregiver may be all that is needed. Other times therapy, ranging from several weeks to months, may be necessary, depending on the nature and severity of the problem.

When Will You See Results?

Age, diagnosis, attention, physical and cognitive abilities, and motivation all impact the rate of progress. You may begin to notice very small changes (progress) within a few months, maybe sooner, maybe later. Parents of children in therapy and individuals receiving speech therapy learn to recognize these subtle changes and begin to appreciate them. Week to week progress is not as obvious as the changes made over longer periods of time. After several months of therapy, parents often comment that their child now has speech and language skills that were not present at the start of therapy.

What Does Therapy Cost?

Like an evaluation, it’s dependent on the time your child will need to improve his speech-language skills. You can contact them for any specific questions and payment options. 

For more information, visit the Accent on Success page. Here you’ll find a free online screening tool to determine which program is right for you.“Help your child get the services he needs with Speech Therapy in Red Oak!”

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