Samsung Will Buy Back Old Galaxy S20 Devices At Up To 50 % Of The Original Price After Two Years

Samsung Will Buy Back Old Galaxy S20 Devices At Up To 50% Of The Original Price After Two Years.

Samsung has announced an official buy-back program for the flagship device, Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. You can return your old S20 up to two years after purchase and if it’s in good condition, Samsung will give you up to 50% of its original price as credit when you buy a new phone or tablet.

Samsung Will Buy Back Old Galaxy S20 Devices At Up To 50% OffNot long ago was when the South Korean multinational electronics company, Samsung, launched the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Smartphones into the mobile market and made pre-orders available for interesting people to pre-order to the device on an affordable price. Samsung Opens Pre-Orders For The Galaxy S20 Series In Ghana.

Samsung upon taking a look at the quality of the S20 Series, thinks about consumers and in such, makes assurance of giving 50% to anyone that will be able to handle the phone very well and may want to upgrade by purchasing a new device from them.

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This means you can get up to ¢3500 for a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. A Galaxy S20+ can save you ¢2750 if you take good care of it, a Galaxy S20 could be worth ¢2500.

You will see the trade-in value of your old Galaxy S20 on or in the Shop Samsung app before you complete your purchase of a new Samsung device from the site or the app.

Note that if Samsung doesn’t like the condition of the S20 you send to it, it will value it at $25 or you can ask Samsung to send it back to you.

The company may accept phones with cracked screens, but there’s no guarantee. If the screen is cracked, the back and sides must not be cracked (along with meeting other requirements).

Interested in trading in your old Smartphone or Tablet? Then you can visit the page which answers key questions on their latest trade-in offer.

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In summary, Samsung will buy back old Galaxy S20 Series at up to 50% off after two years.

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