Samsung Freezer Price List In Ghana

When going out for a refrigerator for your home or workplace to cool your items, one should consider quality but not quantity. If we are talking about quality refrigerators, one cannot rule out Samsung Refrigerators because of their smooth and great working experience. Samsung has so many types of fridges and each and every one has its own specific prices, which is our main target and focus here today.

Buying a Samsung refrigerator in Ghana may be a bit expensive due to how it operates and its quantity.

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Samsung Freezer Price List In Ghana

The SAMSUNG FRIDGE WITH ICE MAKER (RS50N3403SA/EF) in Ghana costs between the prices of GHC7000 and GHC8000.

The Samsung Dura cool 260LTR Top Mount Fridges is sold in Ghana at ₵2,149.00

The Samsung Fridge RT28HAR4DSA 280L SILVER also cost ₵2,339.00 in Ghana

Samsung RT31HAR4DSA SILVER 310L Fridge has a price of ₵2,599.00

The RB33NO40S8 270LTR DOUBLE DOOR BOTTOM Samsung Freezer is also sold at ₵4,119.00

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The Samsung 617 Litres Side by side Refrigerator goes ranges between the price of GH₵9000 and GH₵10,000

SAMSUNG 22 CU.FT.Ft French Doors Refrigerator in Stainless is also sold at GH₵4,000

The Samsung 28 Cu. Ft. 4-door – Double French Door Refrigerator also ranges between the price of GH₵11,000 and GH₵12,000 in Ghana

Samsung also has a 25.1 cubft 3 Door French Smart Hub which also has a price between GH₵19,000 and GH₵20,000

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