Samsung Chromebook Price in Ghana

By | September 18, 2022

Are you interested in buying a Samsung Chromebook? Do you want to know how much it costs? This post covers everything you need to know about Samsung Chromebook prices in Ghana. Kindly read below for more information.

Samsung Chromebook Price in Ghana

There are a lot of Online retail platforms that offer highly competitive prices. For instance, on, you can expect the following price tags for Samsung Chromebook laptops:

  Laptop Samsung Chromebook Pro₵1,400
  New Laptop Samsung Chromebook Plus 48GB Intel Core I9 750GB₵1,550
  Laptop Samsung Chromebook 3 11 4GB Intel Celeron SSD 32GB₵1,500
  New Laptop Samsung Chromebook 3 11 4GB Intel Core I5 HDD 500GB₵1,850
  Laptop Samsung Chromebook Pro 8GB Intel Core I5 SSD 256GB₵2,400
  New Laptop Samsung Chromebook 3 XE501 4GB Intel Celeron SSD 32GB₵1,800
  Laptop Samsung Chromebook Plus 4GB Intel Celeron SSD 72GB₵1,450

Please note that prices listed here may slightly differ at the time of reading this post. Kindly make research for more detailed information on these prices before making a decision to buy.

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Why Samsung Chromebook Laptops?

Built-in security features ensure you’re protected from viruses and malware. No setup or long load times, simply log in with a Google account, and you’re in. Navigate your world with Chrome OS. Get the best of Google, Gmail, Maps, Docs, and Pics, and back everything up safely in the cloud. And since your Chromebook gets free updates automatically, it will only get better.

The strong design you’d expect from a reliable brand like Samsung. Go ahead, let the kids use it to watch movies during snack time, or keep it in the kitchen without worrying about accidents thanks to a water-resistant keyboard.

A battery that gets up to 11 hours on a single charge1 means you can view the news over coffee in the morning, check emails at lunch then surf social media after dinner, all without having to recharge. Plus it’s made for the long run since it continues to retain most of its capacity even after 3 years’ use.

Its lightweight and slim design make carrying it from room to room easy. Use as a traditional notebook or recline 180° to share your view

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