Samsung AC Price in Ghana

By | September 17, 2022

Do you need the price of a Samsung AC in Ghana? This post covers a number of Samsung Air Conditioner types and their prices. Samsung AC comes in different indoor and outdoor designs with some awesome features.

Samsung Air Conditioners have big and optimized blades that enable a wider cooling range. It has energy saving with the WindFree Cooling feature that allows an efficient energy saving of up to 55%. Most Samsung ACs have Motion Detect Sensors also that enable customized airflow and energy-efficient operation.

There are absolutely countless reasons to choose Samsung Air Conditioners when it comes to home appliances. Below are the details of Samsung AC types and their prices in Ghana.

Samsung AC Price in Ghana

Determining the price of a Samsung Air Conditioner depends on its specifications. Here are a few Samsung AC specs and their prices to know:

Samsung R410 1.5hp Ac₵4,499.00 – ₵4,899.00
Samsung Inverter R410 1.5hp Ac₵7,099.00
Samsung R410 2.5hp Ac₵8,499.00 – ₵9,299.00
Samsung Inverter R410 2.0hp Ac₵8,899.00
Samsung Split Air Condition Inverter R410 Wind Free₵9,299.00
Samsung 2.5hp Inverter R410₵10,699.00
Samsung 2.0hp Inverter R410 Wind-Free Ac₵11,099.00
Samsung Inverter R410 2.0hp Wind-Free Ac₵11,099.00
Samsung 2.5hp Inverter R410 Wind-Free Ac₵13,599.00

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Why Choose Samsung AC?

Slim and Compact Design

At a height of only 135mm, the Slim 1Way Cassette is the world’s thinnest indoor air-cooling unit. The compact, lightweight design makes installation and maintenance in your space easier than ever. These high-performing units are so subtle that they can easily blend into interiors of all types and styles.

Lighter Indoor Unit

We are the first to utilize innovative ABS cabinets with our indoor units, making them the lightest on the market. The slim, lightweight design means the devices can be installed with ease. This makes them especially convenient in situations where they need to be deployed quickly on a large scale.

Quiet Operation

A quiet workplace is not only more comfortable for employees but also aids productivity. The innovative blade design of our DVM Slim unit reduces noise levels by 30 percent so that users can work or relax in a peaceful, stress-free environment. Whether operating on the high- or low-speed setting, this air conditioning unit offers a virtually silent performance, making it quiet as well as discreet.

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Automatically more comfort & performance

The Auto ESP Adjustment function efficiently and automatically optimizes the air volume and pressure and minimizes noise, for maximum comfort in any situation. The ESP can also be easily adjusted by remote control.

3-way access for easy maintenance

Can be accessed from three directions – top, side, and bottom – using an easy-to-remove Slide Fit cover. As a result, it’s much easier to maintain wherever it’s installed – saving you time and money.

Easily fine-tune for optimized comfort

Easy Tuning provides the delicate control needed for optimum performance on any occasion. You can fine-tune the power of its operation to suit your level of activity, while also minimizing noise and saving energy.

Eliminates viruses for healthier air

Virus Doctor* uses S-Plasma ion technology to eliminate 99% of contaminants, bacteria, and viruses** in the air. It’s also approved by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) for its effectiveness in removing allergens.

Control it anytime and anywhere

Using an App* on your smartphone the optional Smart Wi-Fi function lets you remotely turn it on and off, select the operating mode and temperature, schedule when to start and stop and control other functions.

Durable, efficient, and silent operation

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor is quieter and much more durable and energy efficient. Unlike conventional motors, its electrical-type operation eliminates friction, as there are fewer moving parts.

Quieter and more reliable performance

A Twin BLDC Rotary compressor ensures a gentler and more reliable performance. It reduces vibration by 75% and makes less noise than conventional compressors. It delivers guaranteed reliability up to 3.2MPa at 65°C.

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