Role of AI In Rephrasing Sentences for Content Uniqueness

By | April 19, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology that performs human-like functions with the help of various complex algorithms. This technology is being incorporated into multiple fields around the globe. One of these is online content writing tools such as rephrasers.

Rephrasing tools (rephrasers) use AI to rephrase sentences, improve their quality, and make them unique while preserving their actual intent. This can be done by synonym addition, sentence structure modification, and much more. 

These tools can therefore add an element of uniqueness to your content. In this article, we are going to explain the role of AI in content optimization.

  1. Helps in Making Changes According to Context

AI is able to understand your content almost like a human. That is why the AI-based rephrasing tools keep in consideration the context of the sentences that they are going to rephrase.

To demonstrate this phenomenon, let us take a passage from this very article and rephrase it with (an AI-powdered tool for accurate rephrasing). While rephrasing the sentences with this tool, we have got the below results:

If you compare the original text with the paraphrased one from the example above, you will notice that the main theme of both of them is the same; however, the wording has been slightly altered. This change in wording has made the paraphrased sentence somewhat unique while explaining the same thing as in the original. This explains how AI rephrases sentences. 

  1. Assists in Making the Rephrased Sentences Plagiarism Free

According to an online source, about 75% of all articles have been plagiarized. That is why you should be extremely careful about creating plagiarism-free content.

When content is rephrased with the help of AI-driven paraphrasing tools, the results are very likely to be free of plagiarism. AI analyzes your work and then searches the web for similar content. In this way, it makes sure that the results do not contain matching or unoriginal content. 

To test this, we took a plagiarized piece of content and made an AI tool to rephrase it. The results provided were completely free of plagiarism. 

Given in the following is the passage that we paraphrased with the same tool ( we used before:

The content under the “Paraphrased Text” section was inserted in a plagiarism checker, and the results looked like this.

As you can see, according to the plagiarism detector, our content is one hundred percent unique. This proves that sentences rephrased with the help of AI rewriting tools come out as original and unique.

  1. Aids in Keeping Your Content Human-Like

As explained in the intro, artificial intelligence is capable of performing tasks just like human beings. This is also true for paraphrasers that are based on AI. 

Online rephrasing tools based on AI technology make sure that the content that they provide looks like it was written by a human being. It doesn’t have robotic tones with recurring sentence patterns or repeating words. In fact, it is the complete opposite.

You might already be familiar with the working of these tools because of the examples used in the previous section. 

Still, in order to clear out any possible confusion, we are going to provide another example. This time, we are going to rephrase a longer passage to help you understand how retain the human element of your content:

In the above example, the tool has made sure that there isn’t even a hint that might suggest that the paraphrased passage is written by a robot.

  1. Helps in Keeping Content Grammatically Accurate

AI paraphrasers are also capable of detecting grammatical mistakes in your content. This allows them to rephrase a piece of text in such a way that the result is free of any grammar issues.

To elaborate on this claim, we are going to insert a sentence with grammatical issues in the same AI-driven rephrasing tool we used in the previous examples and see if the results also have those mistakes or not:

In this example, the subject of the original text is a singular police officer; however, the word used is “Policemen,” which means multiple officers. The rephrasing tool was able to detect this error and made sure that the results didn’t have this mistake. It was changed to “A police officer” by the tool. 

Final Words

AI integrated into online writing tools has many benefits. It modifies your content in various ways to make it stand out among a multitude of competitors. In addition, this content is well-optimized to be published online. The use of AI rephrasing tools can really decrease the number of technicalities you need to keep in consideration while writing content.

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