MTN Broadband Packages and Prices in Ghana

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MTN broadband is one of the most relaxing internet services in Ghana, and as we speak, there are several broadband packages available at various prices for MTN broadband customers to choose from, and if you want to learn more about these bundles, then this article is for you.

We’ll look at how much these bundles cost, and this article has been carefully curated to answer all of your MTN broadband questions.

MTN broadband

MTN broadband is appropriate for your home or office. Before you decide to use broadband, keep in mind that the device is a fixed device, which means it cannot be moved. Broadband internet connectivity is extremely fast, and the service bundles are also reasonably priced.

MTN broadband packages and prices

New Broadband Special Bundles are available for GHC 30.00 for 6.16GB, GHC 48.00 for 10.27GB, GHC 150.00 for 46.22GB, and GHC 300.00 for 231.08GB.

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Broadband packages suitable for homes – High Speed (45GB valid for 30 days for GHC 120), Super High Speed (90GB valid for 30 days for GHC 175), Ultra High Speed (225GB valid for 30 days for GHC 240), and VIP (550GB valid for 30 Days for GHC 395).

Broadband packages suitable for offices/businesses – Sonic (Unlimited data valid for 30 days for GHC 2,150), Supersonic (Unlimited data valid for 30 days for GHC 3,850), UltraSonic (Unlimited data valid for 30 days for GHC 7,750), and UltraSonic (Unlimited data valid for 30 days for GHC 7,750). (Unlimited data valid for 30 days for GHC 8,350).

MTN Ghana

In Ghana, MTN has 17,790,000 subscribers. On July 31, 2019, all qualified applicants were offered up to 4,637,394,533 ordinary shares in MTN Ghana, representing 35% of the company’s equity.

MTN Ghana and Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA) signed an agreement in 2015 to allow MTN Ghana to offer 4G LTE mobile services to its Ghanaian customers.

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MTN’s headquarters are in Johannesburg, and as of December 2020, the company had 280 million subscribers, making it the world’s eighth largest mobile network operator and Africa’s largest.

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