List of Tech Bloggers in South Africa

By | June 30, 2023

Innovation bloggers from a variety of backgrounds live in South Africa, a nation renowned for its thriving innovation environment and entrepreneurial spirit. These bloggers are important sources of news, analysis, and views into the IT sector there. The narrative surrounding technology and innovation in South Africa has been shaped by these tech bloggers, who have become powerful voices by providing insightful material. In this piece, we’ll look at several prominent South African tech bloggers who are actively shaping the country’s digital scene.

List of Tech Bloggers in South Africa

Liron Segev – TheTechieGuy

In South Africa, Liron Segev, commonly known as TheTechieGuy, is a well-known tech blogger and influencer. TheTechieGuy writes on a variety of tech-related subjects on his site, including gadgets, cybersecurity, social media, and digital trends. Liron has a sizable following because of his engrossing writing style and educational films, which have established him as a go-to source for IT insights in South Africa.

Arthur Goldstuck – Gadget

The creator and executive editor of Gadget, a well-known tech blog in South Africa, is Arthur Goldstuck. Gadget provides thorough evaluations, news, and analysis on gadgets, smartphones, and other tech devices with a focus on consumer technology. Gadget is a dependable source for tech enthusiasts and customers looking for trustworthy information because of Arthur’s extensive knowledge and experience in the sector.

Brett Haggard – Hypertext

The creator and editor of the popular South African tech blog Hypertext, which covers a wide range of computer-related issues, is Brett Haggard. Hypertext offers in-depth analysis, stories, and news on startups, cutting-edge technology, digital culture, and gaming. Because of Brett’s enthusiasm for technology and his skill in making difficult subjects understandable, computer pros and fans regard Hypertext as a reliable resource.

Papi Mabele – Techunzipped

Techunzipped, a tech site that emphasizes promoting African innovation, companies, and new technology, was founded and edited by Papi Mabele. News, reviews, and features on tech innovations, services, and market developments are offered by Techunzipped. Techunzipped has become an important resource for anyone interested in the African tech industry thanks to Papi’s dedication to promoting the continent’s technological accomplishments and his readable writing style.

Simon Dingle – Finweek

A well-known tech critic and author named Simon Dingle contribute to Finweek, one of the top financial publications in South Africa. Finweek explores technology and its effects on money, business, and society but isn’t just a tech blog. Finweek is a crucial resource for comprehending the changing South African digital world because of Simon’s tech-focused articles, which offer insightful analysis into the nexus between technology and finance.

Nafisa Akabor – Nafisa Akabor

In South Africa, Nafisa Akabor is a well-known blogger and tech writer. Nafisa writes on a variety of tech-related subjects on her blog of the same name, including smartphones, devices, and tech events. Nafisa’s blog has become a go-to resource for computer enthusiasts and customers looking for well-informed opinions thanks to her extensive product evaluations, industry insights, and thought-provoking pieces.

Brendon Petersen – Tech Girl (

A well-known tech blogger in South Africa, Brendon Petersen is linked to the well-liked website Tech Girl ( A reputable tech blog called Tech Girl covers a variety of subjects, such as gadgets, games, reviews, lifestyle, and tech-related events.

In addition to thorough product reviews, gaming insights, industry expert interviews, and coverage of tech events, Brendon Petersen and his team at Tech Girl provide readers with entertaining and educational material.

Clinton Matos – Memeburn (

In South Africa, Clinton Matos is a well-known journalist and tech writer who has worked with Memeburn ( Popular tech site Memeburn focuses on South African and international technology trends, companies, and digital culture.

Clinton Matos has contributed to the site as a writer for Memeburn by writing informative articles, news updates, and opinion pieces on numerous tech-related themes. He frequently writes on new technologies, digital marketing, social media, and how technology is affecting society.

Nico Pilkington – TechSmart (

TechSmart ( employs well-known tech journalist Nico Pilkington as an editor. A well-known tech blog and online magazine established in South Africa, TechSmart covers a variety of tech-related subjects, such as gadgets, reviews, gaming, automotive technology, home entertainment, and more.

Along with the TechSmart team, Nico Pilkington makes blog contributions by giving readers in-depth product evaluations, informative articles, news updates, and features on the newest IT trends.


South Africa has a flourishing tech blogging culture, with key figures including Simon Dingle, Brett Haggard, Papi Mabele, Liron Segev, Nafisa Akabor, and Arthur Goldstuck helping to shape the debate about innovation and technology. These tech bloggers support the expansion and improvement of South Africa’s tech ecosystem through their knowledge, analysis, and involvement.

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