List of Tech Bloggers in Kenya

By | June 30, 2023

A thriving digital community exists in Kenya, a nation known for its creativity and technical breakthroughs, and it is creating waves both nationally and internationally. Bloggers that focus on technology have become powerful voices in this dynamic environment, offering insightful commentary, breaking news, and in-depth research on the nation’s IT sector. We will examine several prominent Kenyan tech bloggers in this post who are influencing the conversation around innovation and technology in the nation.

List of Tech Bloggers in Kenya

Dickson Otieno – Tech-ish

Tech-ish, a well-known tech blog in Kenya started by Dickson Otieno, offers news, reviews, and insights into the most recent developments in the tech sector. The themes covered by Tech-ish are diverse and include social media, startups, internet services, and cell phones. Tech-ish is a go-to site for tech and common customers thanks to Dickson’s captivating writing style and emphasis on consumer technology.

Martin Gicheru – Techweez

One of the most popular tech blogs in Kenya is Techweez, which was founded and edited by Martin Gicheru. A wide range of technology-related issues is covered by Techweez, including mobile technology, gadgets, software, startups, and digital trends. Techweez has become a dependable resource for computer fans and professionals thanks to Martin’s in-depth understanding of the Kenyan tech scene and his skill at presenting hard topics in an approachable way.

Kaluka Wanjala – TechArena

TechArena is a digital blog founded by Kaluka Wanjala that specializes in offering in-depth reviews, how-to tutorials, and analysis of tech goods and services. TechArena covers a wide range of subjects, such as mobile devices, computers, video games, and online services. TechArena has a devoted following among tech-savvy Kenyans thanks to Kaluka’s attention to detail and dedication to providing accurate and thorough information.

Nixon Kanali – TechTrendsKE

TechTrendsKE, a top tech site in Kenya that covers technology news, startups, innovations, and digital trends, was founded and edited in chief by Nixon Kanali. TechTrendsKE provides in-depth event coverage, industry expert interviews, and insights into the most recent technological advancements. Nixon has developed TechTrendsKE as a reliable source in the Kenyan tech community thanks to his enthusiasm for technology and dedication to providing timely and accurate information.

Emmanuel Chenze – Android Kenya

The creator of Android Kenya, a specialized technology site that concentrates on all things relating to Android smartphones and gadgets, is Emmanuel Chenze. Having a thorough grasp of the Android ecosystem, Emmanuel offers news, reviews, advice, and lessons that are tailored exclusively for Android users in Kenya. For Android lovers looking for information and direction on the newest gadgets and software upgrades, Android Kenya has emerged as a significant resource.

Mark Kaigwa – Afrinnovator

A well-known tech writer and businessman, Mark Kaigwa co-founded Afrinnovator, a website that highlights companies and breakthroughs in African technology. Afrinnovator offers a variety of tech-related information from all across the continent, including interviews, profiles, and analyses, even if it is not only centered on Kenya. Afrinnovator has established itself as a powerful platform in the African tech ecosystem because of Mark’s enthusiasm for the digital entrepreneurship scene in the continent and his capacity to highlight new trends and ideas.

Mercy Ombima – Mercy Writes (

Kenyan tech blogger Mercy Ombima is the creator of Mercy Writes ( Popular technology site Mercy Writes covers a range of technology topics, including gadgets, cellphones, software, digital trends, and tech news.

At Mercy Writes, Mercy Ombima and her staff provide readers with educational articles, reviews, and insights into the IT sector. The blog provides helpful advice, ideas, and recommendations to demystify complicated technological topics and make them understandable to a larger audience.

Kevin Kimani – Tech-ish (

Kenyan tech blogger Kevin Kimani is one of the creators of Tech-ish ( Popular technology site Tech-ish concentrates on news, reviews, and ideas about technology from a Kenyan and African viewpoint.

Together with his co-founders, Kevin Kimani contributes to Tech-ish by offering readers enlightening articles, product evaluations, market research, and opinion pieces. The blog discusses many different tech-related issues, such as cell phones, applications, startups, artificial intelligence, and upcoming technologies.


Bloggers like Martin Gicheru, Dickson Otieno, Kaluka Wanjala, Nixon Kanali, Emmanuel Chenze, and Mark Kaigwa are making significant contributions to the expansion and advancement of Kenya’s IT sector. These tech bloggers offer knowledgeable analysis, interesting material, and useful insights to consumers, professionals, and IT enthusiasts.

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