Jumia Pay: Everything You Need To Know About Jumia Payment Method In Ghana

By | November 24, 2023

Taking a look into Jumia Pay with Everything You Need To Know About Jumia Payment Method In Ghana.

One of the biggest issue online buyers faces are fraud in online shops, online shoppers are always worried about security when making online purchases, and Jumia has decided to put an end to this with their payment service Jumia Pay. 

With Jumia Pay, your online transaction just got even better when shopping online. You don’t need to worry about if someone will steal your credit card details or not.

The Jumia Pay option allows you to shop for a wide range of products all in the comfort of your home with guaranteed security for all your online transactions. 

One thing I like about Jumia Pay is that, even if your online transaction failed, you get debited for it, and you will get refunded with no extra charges.

More about Jumia Pay later!

When it comes to online shopping, you don’t have to forget about security. Jumia Ghana provides top-notch security that will keep your data safe with a step-by-step protection procedure.

No need to worry about payment problems anymore because your banks are now on Jumia. So if all your banks can trust us, then you can relax and shop as much as you want with the most convenient online shopping payment option. 

You don’t have to worry about payment issues at all. You can buy anything online with just a simple click. It pays to shop with Jumia Pay Ghana, and that’s what this post is all about.

In this post, I will take you through everything you need to know about JumiaPay and how you can use it for your convenience.

Enjoy reading this useful post about Jumia Pay with Everything You Need To Know About Jumia Payment Method In Ghana.

How Does Jumia Pay Work?

Jumia Pay is a payment system that allows you to pay for your Jumia items securely with Mastercard, Visa Card,  online bank transfer, or mobile money services.

How To Register For Jumia Pay

To sign up for Jumiaspay, follow the steps below:

  • If you don’t have a Jumia app already, go to the google play store, and download “JumiaPay Ghana.”
  • Then, use your Jumia login to access the app.
  • For those without an account, log in with Facebook or your Gmail.
  • Fill in the necessary details and signup

NB: Registring with JumiaPay is easy. Since you have an account on Jumia Ghana, you automatically have the Jumia Pay account as well.

Therefore, you don’t need to sign up again for Jumia Pay. It is Jumia Pay that allows you to check out using either mobile money services or your bank credit card details. It is a secured payment system.

How To Use Jumia Pay

Using the Jumia payment method is very easy. There are two options for using JumiaPay; the debit card and card transfer method.

Follow the steps below to pay with your debit card.

  • Checkout on Jumia by selecting items of your choice
  • Jumia Ghana will ask you to choose a payment method.
  • Select JumiaPay as your preferred payment method.
  • Select a debit card option, pick a bank and fill in your details.
  • Select card option and input info
  • Click on “Make Payment.”

Jumia Pay With Bank Transfer

Follow the step below to pay with a bank transfer.

  • Checkout on Jumia by selecting items of your choice
  • Select “Bank transfer” as your “Payment method.”
  • Add your account number and your account name.

How To Fund Your JumiaPay Wallet

The feature to transfer money to your wallet is not available yet. So, you can only move money from your JumiaPay wallet to your bank account.

Follow the steps to transfer to your mobile bank.

  • Go to Pay.Jumia.com
  • Click on “Login”
  • Type in your login details “email address and password.”
  • Click on “Withdraw”
  • Click “Bank transfer.”
  • Input your bank details
  • And click to receive your money through a bank alert.

Should you want to make order on Ghana’s largest eCommerce portal, we have provided our useful information about Jumia Pay with Everything You Need To Know About Jumia Payment Method In Ghana.

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