How To Cancel Your Order On Jumia Ghana (2023 Guide)

By | November 24, 2023

There are many reasons to why you would like to know how to cancel your order on Jumia Ghana in 2023.

Cancelling your order on Jumia in Ghana has become a burden for many people — after making order for products online.

Jumia has become one of the top online shops for shopping anything you want anywhere in Ghana, as well as Africa.

Many potential Jumia Ghana customers thought you may not be able to cancel any Jumia order places, according to Jumia’s terms and conditions, you are not allowed to cancel a global order, an order made from outside once it is already shipped. But you can cancel all orders in Ghana from Jumia platform.

How to cancel your order on Jumia Ghana, after ordering for something from Jumia by paying with your Visa Card, MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash or Jumia Pay and got disappointed with Jumia’s system of delivering on time or you have issues with the final product and would love to cancel your order — before it arrives.

Canceling your Jumia order in Ghana is easier and simple thing to do, provided you follow the complete guide below.

This article can be of help on the complete guide on How To Cancel Your Order On Jumia Ghana in 2023.

Let’s take a look into how to cancel a Jumia order in Ghana after waiting for a long or receiving the unexpected goods.

Fill Out The Jumia Ghana Order Cancelling Form

If you are curious about cancelling your Jumia order in Ghana, following this option is the best for you today. You should just login to your Jumia Ghana account and follow the steps given below.

  • Go to your Jumia Orders
  • Select the order you wish to cancel
  • Navigate to ‘Cancel Order’
  • Fill in the dialogue boxes provided
  • State your tangible reason for cancelling your Jumia order
  • Submit your order cancellation form

Wait a while for a while, to hear from the Jumia Ghana customer support team — on cancelling your Jumia Order.

If you are yet to create an account on Jumia, here is how to register for Jumia account updated here: How To Register For An Account On Jumia Ghana

Send Jumia An Email

You can send email to Jumia customer service, asking them to cancel your order for you with your tangible reasons.

To send an email to Jumia, you can send all emails to Jumia Ghana via their customer service via: [email protected]

Before sending, make sure to include some details such as:

  • Your Jumia Order Number
  • Your Refund Method
  • Your Jumia Transaction ID
  • Your Phone Number
  • Invoice Number and Date and Time or der in the message

Send Jumia Message On Facebook or Any Social Media Handle

One of the fastest ways to cancel your Jumia order is to send them message on Facebook and get your order cancelled. Here is some of the steps to follow and cancel your Jumia Ghana order.

  • Open Facebook and search for Jumia
  • Tap the “Send Message” Button on their Page
  • Send Jumia Ghana your message, by requesting for order cancellation.

Now, you can patiently wait for your order Cancellation from Jumia Ghana.

Call The Customer Care For Cancelation

With the numerous methods given on how to go about to cancel your Jumia order, you have the option to call the customer care for cancellation as well.

To call the Jumia Customer care for your order cancellation, you can call the Customer support team via: 0302740630

So you’ve just placed an order on Jumia Ghana and are wondering how to cancel your order?

You can decide to cancel an order probably because you had second thoughts or the order took too long. If you need help on how to cancel your Jumia order in Ghana, we recommend you follow the useful guide, to cancel your Jumia Ghana order effectively.

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