Infinix vs Tecno: Which Smartphone Is Best To Buy For Personal Use?

By | July 1, 2023

Infinix vs Tecno; which is more powerful? Which is the best you should get? Read on –as we compare both brands and see which will suit your need.

Mobile phones have become gadgets that we can not do without on a daily basis. Mobile phone usage has increased in Ghana a lot over decades now, and smartphone producers such as Apple, Samsung Mobile, Tecno Mobile, Infinix Mobile, Itel Mobile, LG, Huawei Mobile, and others are embracing much to produce the best smartphone ever.

The Mobile World Congress is there for the announcement of the latest released smartphones for the mobile market, and each and every year, a lot of smartphones are being produced with the latest in-built technologies to make using these smartphones interesting and satisfy our desire for using smartphones.

Android mobile phones, iOS phones (iPhone), and Symbian phones are made with the latest technology to function more than already-produced previous mobile phones.

Phone market in Africa

In the African mobile market, some smartphone producers are taking over with the functionalities built into their mobile phones purposely for the people of Africa. Some of these are;

Samsung, Tecno mobile phones, iTel phones, and Infinix phones that are being produced got the potential to market very well in the mobile phone market in Africa. But Tecno and Infinix are becoming the two (2) commonly used smart android phones in Ghana, as well as Africa particularly.

Today’s post is purposely to talk about which of these smartphones — you should target if you want to buy an Android phone from Ghana.

Being it Infinix or Tecno, there should be a reason to go for one — and this post can brief you more about some of the key features to look out for to purchase that particular smartphone from one of these mobile phone brands.

Infinix vs Tecno: Which Smartphone Is Best To Buy For Personal Use?

Infix vs Tecno, which one should you buy? If this is your question, then there is an answer right here for you. ICT Catalogue got you covered. Below, you will see what you should expect from a smartphone producer before you purchase a specific phone. In this case, we will take a quick look at each brand one after the other.


Infinix Mobile has dominated in recent years, taking over other popular mobile phone brands in the mobile market of Ghana and Africa as a whole, with exciting features built-in for smartphone lovers. Even though both Infinix and Tecno come from the same parent company, they are completely different brands. They don’t look or even have the same functions.

Features that make Infinix different

  • Infinix smartphones come larger
  • They are budget-friendly
  • These phones also come with some quality cameras
  • Compared to Techno, their batteries are weaker


Tecno Mobile is also a Transsion brand which is the same producer as Infinix. However, if you look at Tecno phones, you will see the difference in both appearance and operations.

Features that make Tecno different

  • Tecno phones have a classy appearance compared to Infinix phones
  • These phones have a bit high budget to go with their nice appearance
  • They come with strong batteries
  • These phones also come with some high-tech cameras that are on par with the big brands.
  • They come with high hardware specifications that make them good for gaming


When it comes to buying smartphones, it completely depends on what you want as well as what you can afford. In most cases, both brands have similar capabilities.

If you want something that you can use for gaming, then you should go for the Tecno brand. Tecno batteries can withstand stress compared to most of the other big brands you can think of. If want something that can serve you well but won’t break the bank, then go for Infinix.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave them in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

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