How To Use E Zwich To Withdraw At ATM

By | May 6, 2022

The E-zwich smartcard is a secure smart card issued by the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited (GhIPSS) and used for transactions including cash withdrawals, online payments, money transfer.

national service personnel are the group of people who use the e-zwich a lot in their day-to-day transactions since the National service secretariat only pays the monthly allowance of the personnel through the e zwich payment platform. The beneficiaries of the Student Loan Trust Fund Scheme also rely heavily on the e-zwich payment system. The electronic transfers has made things a lot simpler and has cut out the long queues in banks that people used to make just to receive some money.

In this article, we are taking a quick look at the easiest way you can withdraw money from your e-zwich card.

Make sure you have the following items before going to an agent (bank) to withdraw money from e-zwich.

  • A fully functional ezwich account with funds. Your bank account should be linked to your credit card.
  • Identity card ie ID CARD (Ghana Card, voters Identification card, etc.).

How To Use E Zwich To Withdraw Money

  • Walk into any bank or ATM (e-zwich agent).
  • Inform a teller that you wish to withdraw money from your e zwich card.
  • For verification, your card will be presented with your National Identification Card.
  • The desired amount will be loaded onto the card by the teller.
  • A fingerprint will be obtained of you to verify if you are indeed the owner of the card.
  • Sit tight until the teller has finished processing your information.
  • You will receive your requested funds after the data has been successfully processed.
  • You have successfully completed an e-zwich withdrawal.

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