How To Transfer Money From E-Zwich To Mobile Money

By | May 6, 2022

Money transfers between people have become easier, safer, and more convenient thanks to the conception of an electronic payment system. You could walk into any shopping mall or business place without any physical money but use the electronic payment system to sort yourself out.

The e-zwich card is an interoperable biometric smart card payment system which connects all financial institutions in Ghana; allowing e-zwich cardholders to perform banking and retail transactions at the outlets of other e-zwich financial institutions.

The number of people using the second phase of the mobile money interoperability service to transfer money from their e-zwich card to their MoMo wallet is steadily increasing. The usage of e-zwich to pay wages and benefits has increased dramatically, as it has become a vital tool for eliminating fake names from payrolls.

As a result, many people receive their pay on the card, and interoperability implies that monies received on the e zwich card can be transferred to both their bank account and their MoMo wallet in the second phase of MoMo interoperability, which was implemented not long ago.

e-zwich Card Transaction Types

  • Banking: e-zwich banking service allows e-zwich cardholders to perform banking functions like Cash deposit, Cash withdrawal, cash transfers and savings.
  • Retail: e-zwich retail service involves using the card for the payment of goods and services at various retail and corporate merchant outlets using the e-zwich POS device.
  • e-zwich-2-mobile: Allows e-zwich cardholders to transfer funds directly from an e-zwich card  to any mobile money wallet across networks.

How To Transfer Money From E-Zwich To Mobile Money

The following are the steps to follow if you wish to transfer money from your e-zwich card onto your mobile money number.

Stage 1: Head to the bank where your Ezwich card was issued or go to any point of sale terminal near you.

Stage 2: Explain to the teller you wish to move money from your Ezwich account to your mobile money account.

Stage 3: Your Ezwich card will be inserted, and you will be asked to verify your identity with your fingerprints.

Stage 4: The teller will ask you the specific mobile network you want the money delivered to.

Stage 5: To initiate the transaction, the teller will ask for your mobile money number.

Stage 6: The teller will then proceed to make the transaction.

Setup: When the cash transfer is complete, you will receive an SMS alert.

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