How to Switch Between Viewing Modes in Google Docs

By | December 29, 2022

There are many settings that can alter how your document appears, including the privileges assigned to you with the documents. However, several options in the Google Docs application might also alter how your document appears on your computer screen. In the default “Editing” mode of your Google Docs file, you can modify the document’s content. When in editing mode, those modifications simply update the document’s content without making any new notes about it.

However, there are other modes as well, including “Suggesting,” where you can edits that display as suggestions, and “Viewing,” where you cannot edit or make suggestions. Depending on your current demands, you can move between these different modes. You can switch between these settings in a few different ways as you can see in our tutorial below.

Implementing Suggested Edits

When working together on a project, you might occasionally merely want to provide the original author a recommendation without changing the text itself. Previously, you had to pray that you or the author would remember to delete comments that you typed in all caps or in between asterisks.

Changing From Suggestion Mode to Editing Mode

The user can change from suggesting mode to editing mode or viewing mode using this method. Follow the crucial steps shown below to complete this procedure:

  • Open the document in Google Docs
  •  Click the View tab at the top of the window.
  • Select the Mode option, then click the viewing mode that you wish to use Thus, the user can update the document in accordance with the specifications:

 you can alternatively decide to switch viewing modes by clicking the Mode button at the top-right corner of the window, then selecting the preferred mode.

How to Disable Suggestion Mode Using the Shortcut Key

Use the simple shortcut key to enable you tuen Suggestion mode off.


You can also use the shortcuts below.

Editing mode: Shift-Option-Command-Z

Suggesting mode: Shift-Option-Command-X Viewing mode: Shift-Option-Command-C

Viewing mode: Shift-Option-Command-C

Revision history

In the event that you have to undo an automatically stored modification, revision history is a fantastic tool. It can also be helpful if you wish to track changes made to the document over time by other users who have edit permissions.

Use the shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Shift-G to access the revision history by selecting File > See revision history. Every time the document was opened, the important alterations are displayed in the sidebar of the revision history. Select Show more detailed revisions to see the modifications from each auto-save.

Each user’s color will be reflected in their edits, so a persons edits might be green while another persons edit might be orange. By selecting a revision in the sidebar, you can also see earlier iterations of the document. Choose Restore this revision if you want to return to the current version.

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