How to Share Data On MTN in Ghana

By | August 29, 2022

On MTN, you can actually share your data with friends and loved ones even though these persons may not be near where you are.

This is mostly called MTN data transfer and once your friend or loved one is in need of data, you can actually send him or her some of your data.

Sharing or transferring data to a friend or loved one is not much of a deal and if you are interested in sharing or transferring data to a friend or loved one on MTN, then stick with us since we will be exploring how you can achieve this in simple steps.

How to Share Data On MTN

You can use your phone to dial *131*7#, or visit the myMTN App. Below is how you can share or transfer on MTN in Ghana;

Transfer/Share Data – You can now transfer data from your existing Data Balance to friends and family members: Simply dial *131*Phone number* Data amount#.

Purchase Data for a Friend or Loved One – You can purchase a specific data bundle for that special friend and be charged from your airtime. Simply dial *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary Phone Number#.

Request Data – You can also now request data from a special friend by simply dialing *131*7*3#.

Some MTN Shortcodes in Ghana

*170# – MTN mobile money code
*138*4# – To access Super saver bundles
108 – To send voicemails
109 – To receive voicemails
*138*1*4# – To purchase MTN Internet unlimited bundle
*511# – To generate a Mobile Money ATM token
*585# – Check 4G device compatibility
*156# – To check your MTN mobile number
*545# – To check data usage
*175# – To manage your MTN subscriptions
*1390# – To reserve your number for 2 years
1303 – To access MTN Radio
*198# – To share credit with friends and family
*296# – aYo recharge with care
*1552# – WeChat monthly data bundle
Send PORT to 600 – Number portability
*400# – To know if your number is registered
*300*20# – Get jokes

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