MTN Talk Chaw Code in Ghana

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MTN has blessed its overwhelming number of customers with one of the most exciting bundles in Ghana right now, and MTN Talk Chaw is the name of the bundle.

The MTN Talk Chaw Bundle is also known as the MTN Nkomode bundle, and all it requires is for you to pay for the first minute of your call and enjoy the rest for free, and you might have probably heard of this awesome and enticing bundle, but you may be unaware of what it entails.

If you find yourself in this situation, prepare to be enthralled because we will be discussing the MTN Talk Chaw bundle and will do our best to cover all of its aspects.

What is MTN Talk Chaw Bundle?

We’ve already established that the MTN Talk Chaw bundle’s other name is NKOMODE, so we’ll investigate what the bundle actually is.

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All you have to do is to pay for the first minute of calls to all networks in Ghana, and the remaining minutes are completely free. After the first minute, you will not be charged for any additional minutes spent on the call.

MTN Talk Chaw Code

Most definitely, after learning about this bundle, we guess you might want to know the code for signing up for MTN Free after only one bundle. Use the shortcode, *550# to subscribe to this bundle.

Subscribing to MTN Talk Chaw Bundle

If you want to enjoy the MTN Talk Chaw bundle, simply do the following:

The first step is to enter the code *550#.
After dialing the short code, you will see a pop-up window; select option 1 to activate the bundle.
Before you can enjoy your bundle, you must confirm your activation. This requires that you choose option 1 from the pop-up that appears.

Other MTN Shortcodes

*170# – MTN mobile money code
*138*4# – To access Super saver bundles
108 – To send voicemails
109 – To receive voicemails
*138*1*4# – To purchase MTN Internet unlimited bundle
*511# – To generate a Mobile Money ATM token
*585# – Check 4G device compatibility
*156# – To check your MTN mobile number
*545# – To check data usage
*175# – To manage your MTN subscriptions
*1390# – To reserve your number for 2 years
1303 – To access MTN Radio
*198# – To share credit with friends and family
*296# – aYo recharge with care
*1552# – WeChat monthly data bundle
Send PORT to 600 – Number portability
*400# – To know if your number is registered
*300*20# – Get jokes

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