How to Reset PS5 Controller

By | March 21, 2023

A soft or hard reset will fix any problems you are having with your PS5 controller. Your PS5 controller may occasionally have issues or cease to function properly. If so, you’ll need to learn how to reset a PS5 controller so you can resume playing. However, your controller will be disconnected from the console and resets to factory defaults when you do a factory reset.

If you want to know how to reset the PS5 controller, then this article is the best for you. In this article, we walk you through how to reset the PS5 controller, so relax and read along.

When Should I Reset My PS5 Controller?

There are a few situations where it makes perfect sense to reset your PS5 controller. Here are some of them;

  • If you’re having trouble linking your Bluetooth device. This can take place when you attempt to connect the DualSense to your console or the PS5 controller to a computer or mobile device. The bug that’s preventing wifi connectivity can be fixed with a reboot.
  • If you want to solve the PS5 controller drift. In this situation, even if you are not moving the analog sticks on your DualSense, movement is still detected. Resetting will fix the problem immediately if there is a calibration issue.

How to Soft Reset Your PS5 DualSense Controller

A soft reset occurs when you turn off and on your DualSense controller. A soft reset can solve problems with your controller that cause it to be sluggish, unresponsive, or freeze.

  • Open the console’s controller center by pressing the PS button on the controller.
  • On the control center menu, click the controller icon, then pick DualSense Wireless Controller.
  • To turn off the controller, choose Turn Off. Press the PlayStation button to turn on the controller.

How to Hard Reset PS5 Controller

Here are the steps to follow on how to do a hard reset on the PS5 controller;

  • Turn off your PS5 and remove the controller from the system.
  • Your PS5 should be turned off and the controller unplugged.
  • Take a look at the PS5 controller’s back for a little hole.
  • You can also use another pointed object like a straightened paper clip. Once you’ve inserted it, push the button inside for five seconds.
  • Resynchronize the console and controller. Press the PS button to pair the controller with the PS5 using the USB-C connection that is provided.

What to Do If Resetting Doesn’t Fix Your Controller?

Consider the following solutions if the reset doesn’t work.

  • Check Bluetooth Interferences. Ensure that nothing is blocking the Bluetooth controller’s communication with the console. These would be different wirelessly connected gadgets.
  • Use a Different USB-C Cable. There is a chance that the wire that came with the controller is only capable of charging.
  • Update System Firmware. Navigate to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.
  • Go to Sony’s PlayStation Fix & Replace Website. Choose the Dualsense controller, then input the serial number or barcode that may be found on the device’s rear. This webpage will determine whether your controller can be repaired.

How Can I Pair DualSense Controller Using a Cable?

Press the PS button on the controller to connect it to your PS5 using the USB-C connection that is provided.

The controller should be immediately recognized by your console. If your console doesn’t detect the controller, try a new USB cord. Let the controller charge for a few minutes if it needs to before disconnecting the USB-C wire.

How to Pair PS5 DualSense Controller Wirelessly

If you don’t have a USB cord, you can wirelessly pair the DualSense controller. To achieve this, you’ll need a different controller that has previously been linked with the console. Turn on your PS5 after the controller has been reset, then carry out the actions listed below.

  • On your PS5 Home Screen, go to Accessories > General, and Select Bluetooth Accessories.
  • Then press and hold the Create and PS buttons on the controller.
  • You have to use the additional controller to select the new controller in the “Accessories found “section.
  • The will be a confirmatory pop-up, select Yes to register and pair the controller to your console.

How to Update DualSense Controller from PS5 Settings Menu

The firmware of your controller can be updated to enhance performance, repair temporary bugs, and address Bluetooth connectivity difficulties. Through the settings menu on your PS5 or your PC, you may update the controller.

To do so, follow these steps;

Choose Wireless Controller Device Software under Settings > Accessories > Controller on your PS5 after connecting it to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.


A PS5 controller may be easily reset. To reset it to its default settings, simply press the reset button on the back. You may do it whenever you have problems, but you should do it immediately if your controller is having problems pairing or drifting.

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